Brooklands, The Sports Car Endurance Races

by David Blumlein

Who’d have thunk that this category of Brooklands racing had never before been fully written up? This small book is remarkable in every way.

Ed Roth’s Mysterion

by Jeffrey A. Jones

Mysterion is Roth’s most famous and least documented show rod. The original car is long gone but has been recreated—and this is the story of both versions.

Frank McClean: The Godfather of British Naval Aviation

by Philip Jarrett 

Many important aviation developments wouldn’t have happened if McClean hadn’t had the means, the skills, and the convictions he possessed. At long last here’s a book to give credit where credit is due.

Tootsie Toys, World’s First Diecast Models

by James Wieland and Edward Force

“America’s Oldest Toy Company” started in the 1890s and is still around—making about 40 million items a year! And it all began in the laundry trade. This little book is a nifty survey.

Fisher Body Craftsman’s Guild: Modeling The Future

by Richard Ray

Many a designer whose name you’d know went through this GM-sponsored industrial arts program. Their annual reunions are usually accompanied by an exhibit and lectures; this is the catalog of the 2019 event.

The American Steam Locomotive in the Twentieth Century

by Tom Morrison

So, so big—and so, so inefficient. But the industrialized world could not have become what it did without these behemoths, so here is a behemoth of a book to tell their story.

General Motors Parade of Progress & A Futurliner Returns

by Bruce Burghoff and George Ferris

Seeing a convoy of Futurliners pulling up would definitely make you think the future had arrived. This book covers both the travelling exhibit and the restoration of Futurliner #10 at the National Automotive and Truck Museum of the United States.


by Tony Adriaensens, Patrick Dasse & Martin Übelher

The Giulia GTA, GTA SA, GTA Junior, and GTAm were probably the most important postwar four-cylinder Alfa Romeos. This high-concept 1500-page opus offers a wealth of detail.

The Blunt End of the Grid

by Dave Roberts

Roberts’ approach to motor racing is the polar opposite to the clinical diligence of an F1 team. The best testament to this book is that if former McLaren head honcho Ron Dennis read it, he would need specialist counselling.

Vignale: Masterpieces of Style

by Luciano Greggio 

If this coachbuilder is remembered today, at least outside of Europe, it is because of the high-end exotic sports cars that once carried its coachwork. Around 2013 it looked as if Ford was reviving the nameplate it had sitting around for three decades—nothing happened. But it still might, so you better read up on it.

Concours d’Elegance: Dream Cars and Lovely Ladies

by Patrick Lesueur

Cars and fashion—that was the original idea behind presenting new cars to the public at a competition of elegance.

Jaguar XK 120 Supersonic by Ghia

by Richard Heseltine 

An alluring alchemy of grace and otherworldliness that screamed Jet Age.” How is it possible that this irresistible1952 Jag barely clocked 22,000 km in 50 years?? Its story is told here in good detail, illustrated with mouthwatering photography.