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Alfa Romeo Montreal

by Patrick Dasse

If the Montreal is famous for anything it is the company it keeps in its designer’s portfolio. Gandini penned designs as different as the immortal Miura and Countach, and closer to this car the Marzal and Carabo concepts. This book presents period photos.


by Daniel Cabart and Gautam Sen

The fastest cars in the world right when they came out (1919). Innovative. Good-looking. Other makers were inspired by them. Today: obscure. Now this monumental 920-page book is a most proper 100th anniversary present.

The Royal Udaipur RR GLK21

by Anu Vikram Singh, Narayan Rupani, Gautam Sen

From scrap heap to the Pebble Beach Concours, a little Rolls-Royce goes on a big journey.

Classics on the Street: An Automotive Odyssey, France 1953

by Robert Straub

A moment in time. And what a moment, in automotive terms. Postwar Europe was still populated with prewar iron—and much of it was irretrievably gone a mere ten years later.

Rolls-Royce 17EX, a Fabulous Destiny/ein Stück Geschichte

by Gautam Sen

For a carmaker as conservative as Rolls-Royce this 1928 experimental car was quite the statement. But why was it necessary? Is being able to go 100 miles really that important?

The Car Design Book

by Gautam Sen

It’s not an easy task to sum up in 140 pages the best designs of all times regardless of price and trends! Sen tackled this exercise with total subjectivity and his position as editor of India’s best-selling Auto Indiamagazine certainly didn’t make it easier: the more you know about a subject, the harder it is to make a selection!

Joyaux Automobiles des Maharadjahs

by Gautam Sen

(French) A clientele of wealthy Indian enthusiasts with incredibly deep pockets and remarkable eccentricities absorbed disproportionately large numbers of European and American cars, from bejeweled Rolls-Royces to more common fare such as Fiats and Fords.