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Original MGA

The Restorer’s Guide to all Roadsters and Coupé Models Including Twin Cam

by Anders Ditlev Clausager

The 1955–62 MGA is not at all an uncommon sight on today’s roads. Strong mechanicals, easy parts availability, decent top speed, and good looks account for this model’s desirability. Add to that healthy auction prices and you have a car you’ll want to keep at or restore to the top of its game.

Lotus, The Historic Sports & Racing Cars of Australia

by Marc Schagen

A field guide to competition Lotii in Australia brimming with data and photos compiled over decades.

Mercedes-AMG GT, A Star Is Born

by Bolsinger, Brinkmann, Ising

At every F1 race you see—and hear!—a GT S tearing up the track as the official safety car. Unlike its predecessor, the GT is relatively affordable so if you foresee one under your Christmas tree, check out this book first.

Amazing Barnfinds and Roadside Relics

by Ryan Brutt

Turn off reality TV and go find your own car! They’re out there, and Ryan “The Automotive Archaeologist” Brutt will show you what he—and you—can find.

James Garner’s Motoring Life

by Matt Stone

You know him as “that actor” but did you realize that he was a serious and competent racing driver who could have made it in the pro world?

MGB, MGC & MGB GT V8, La grande sportive britannique

by David Knowles

One of the quintessential British sports cars, the MGB was in production for 18 years. Today, you’ll find the cars anywhere—but books en français, not so much.

The Automobile and American Life

by John Heitmann 

It’s complicated . . . what aspect of life is not affected by the car? It’s a big topic and this little book can get you started.

Opportune Excursion

by Peter Brown

More than just the history of one particular car, this book also looks at the bigger picture of who the parts suppliers were and how Rolls-Royce built a car in general.

Me and My MG: Stories from MG Owners Around the World

by Gordon Thorburn

On the surface, this is a book about MG cars and their owners. But it is also about a type of car that embodies a type of technology the author finds more satisfying than modern gizmos.

Survivor: The Unrestored Collector Car

by Kris Palmer

Yes, “it’s original only once.” But when is fading paint hallowed patina and when is it ugly “car acne”? What is the dividing line between benign neglect and being just cheap? Is a Bugatti more deserving of restoration than a bread and butter first-generation Honda Accord?

Original MGB With MGC and MGB GT V8: The Restorer’s Guide to all Roadsters and GT Models 1962–80

The Restorer’s Guide to all Roadsters and GT Models 1962–80

by Anders Ditlev Clausager

The MGB is the successor to the MGA about which Clausager wrote a similar book. More than 500,000 of this all-time best-selling British sports car were built over an 18-year span. If you want to make yours as original as the factory intended, you need this book.