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Carlo Demand In Motion and Color: Automobile Racing 1895–1956

by Gary D Doyle

The German artist Carlo Demand (1921–2000) illustrated more books than any other artist, yet his name is not nearly as well known as that of many of his contemporaries or as the quality of his work would indicate.

Making It: Manufacturing Techniques for Product Design

by Chris Lefteri

The world as you know it is not quite as you know it—the finished products you handle every day are full of surprises as to how they’re made.

Powered by Porsche, The Alternative Race Cars

by Roy Smith

“Everyone” knows that Porsche makes serious race cars—but even Porsche geeks will surely not know just how many other makes and teams used Porsche motors and know-how to better their own fortunes, often enough in competition against the provider.

BMW i: Visionary Mobility

by Andreas Braun 

A year before this book came out, BMW i became the “official mobility partner” of the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. Why? BMW wants to win hearts and minds—the future isn’t here yet, its shape not yet locked in, and it involves a whole lot more than dreaming up sleek cars.

Project Terminated

by Erik Simonsen

“Too many cooks spoil the broth” . . . this book puts the blame for pulling the plug on seemingly viable aviation projects on hapless bureaucrats who keep the military from doing its thing. But it ain’t that easy . . .

MOMO Italy, 50 Years 1964–2014

by Mario Donnini

You don’t have to have a space age $40,000 F1 steering wheel in your car to appreciate that Momo must be something big. They are, and in ways that may surprise. This anniversary tribute looks to the past and to the future.

Holy Halls: The Secret Vehicle Collection of Mercedes-Benz

by Christof Vieweg

This book won’t tell you where the 12 nondescript buildings are in which Mercedes-Benz stores its collection of over a thousand cars (!) but it shows you what’s in them. Your calculator will melt down trying to keep up with the tab!

Jim McGee, Crew Chief of Champions

by Gordon Kirby 

He cut his teeth working on a private Indy entry cobbled together in a backyard garage and rose to run some of the big-league outfits of his day. An important book about an important man.

Flying Saucer Technology

by Bill Rose

Never mind the names—Flapjack, Foo Fighter, Flying Top, Umbrellaplane—this interesting book is not about space aliens but actual man-made stuff that flew, or might have.

Mezek a Turbina: Messerschmitts in Czechoslovakia

by Bohumír Kudlička

The Czechs built German aircraft. Surprised? There’s much to be surprised at in this interesting little book!

Rudolf Uhlenhaut

by Wolfgang Scheller and Thomas Pollak 

The legendary Mercedes engineer was a hands-on wrencher and a good enough driver to embarrass professional shoes. He valued teamwork and hated blowing his own horn—which is why this is the first-ever comprehensive biography.

Brooklands, The Sports Car Endurance Races

by David Blumlein

Who’d have thunk that this category of Brooklands racing had never before been fully written up? This small book is remarkable in every way.