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GT Love, 50 Years Opel GT

by Jens Cooper & Harald Hamprecht

This little Opel, the first-ever German concept car (1965), has more American connections that just being called the “baby Corvette.” As GM’s European subsidiary several US execs who would become industry heavyweights shaped the fates of this machine.

Fairchild C-82 Packet: The Military and Civil History

by Simon D. Beck 

The first in-depth treatment of a specialized aircraft that pioneered new ways of doing things.

Look familiar? You know you’ve seen it . . .

1001 Aviation Facts

by Mike Machat, editor

From the Wright Brothers to space flight and from the real world to make-believe (TV/movies, model aircraft) this book will put a few—well, 1001—arrows in your quiver to dazzle and impress at the next cocktail party.

The 1968 London to Sydney Marathon

by Robert Connor

Nothing like it had ever been done before. Spectators numbering in the millions observed it along its far-flung route, school children followed it with their fingers on the map. It was epic; and, finally, there’s a book about it.

Dogfight: The Supermarine Spitfire and the Messerschmitt Bf109

by David Owen

These two very famous WW II fighters were pitted against each other for six years. Both were very good, especially under specific conditions that often favored one over the other—and both were built by men new to the fighter game.

Unflown Wings, Soviet/Russian Unrealised Aircraft Projects 1925–2010

by Yefim Gordon & Sergey Komissarov

If you read this book while having a drink you won’t know if you had one too many or the folk who dreamt up some of these extreme birds. Over 800 illustrations will lure you back again and again.

Volkswagen Karmann Ghias and Cabriolets 1949–1980

by Richard A. Copping

Sexy Italian coachwork on what is essentially VW Beetle running gear. Good idea? From concept to the end of production, this book fully explores the role of a specialist coachbuilder in taking Volkswagen into new territory

Luxury Toys for Men, The Ultimate Collection

by Nathalie Grolimund (ed.)

So it says “men” in the title . . . but almost everything in here is gender-neutral: real estate, helicopters, [men’s] suits, fancy food.

Go ahead, dream a little.

History’s Most Important Racing Aircraft

by Don Berliner

Racing improves the breed and it garners attention. Here, a hundred years of milestone aircraft show how it’s done.

Custom Bicycles: A Passionate Pursuit

by Christine Elliott & David Jablonka

If you have never had the pleasure of picking up a full-size bicycle with literally one finger, or ridden one at over 100 mph you just don’t know how far bicycle-building has come in the 150 years of its recorded history.

The Definitive Camaro Guide 1970½ to 1981

by Jason Scott

The European-inspired Camaro was a hit in its day, especially the clean-sheet gen 2 cars discussed here. If you see one in your future, this book offers a solid foundation.

Valkyrie: The North American XB-70

by Graham M. Simons 

70,000 ft of altitude, Mach 3, and the crew is in shirtsleeves. None of these three things are normal. This super plane took supersonic flight to the edge of the envelope. And then it died.