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by David Hobbs with Andrew Marriott

Englishman David Hobbs had a long driver career in motorsports, almost four decades competing in almost every form of racing. If you only know him from his gig as F1 commentator, prepare to be surprised.


by Sylvia Wilkinson

Retired since 2001, this driver’s name showed up on many a winner’s podium all through the 1980s—but also in court proceedings, involving his own father no less. He now suffers an incurable disease.

Hot Rod Empire

by Stone and Carleton

A young California photographer has an idea that turns into a quarter billion dollar publishing conglomerate. To our readers, how he did it is less interesting than why, and this book tells that story.

I Love to Make the DIRT FLY!

by Carl Hungness

Who was the man who “Created A Great City From A Jungle”? A serial entrepreneur who started a bicycle business, created multi-million dollar enterprises, and dreamt up the Indy 500.

Lime Rock Park

This natural-terrain road racing venue is the oldest continuously operating track in the US and listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Two good books, 30 years apart, explain its appeal—and how banning racing on Sundays can be a good thing.


by Charles Henry

Ford beat Ferrari at Le Mans. But FoMoCo didn’t do it alone. Kar-Kraft was a key contributor and Ford was pretty much its only customer. The author worked there and so can offer an inside look.

Exotic Barn Finds: Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche, Aston Martin and More

by Matt Stone

Bristling with photos this book looks at the stories of some 30 imported sports cars found mostly derelict in unlikely places and then restored to life, or at least preserved for a time.

Creative Industries of Detroit

by Leon Dixon

Thousands of projects over several decades came out of Creative, mostly super-secret, and this is the first book about them! Well, some of them, and some of it is necessarily speculative. Still, this book answers questions you couldn’t have known you have.

Telling America’s Story, A History of The Henry Ford

by Miller, Endelman, Braden, Bryk

Henry Ford, the farm boy with a mind for things mechanical, never forgot the values of the rural life that he so comprehensively changed. Collecting the tangible evidence of America’s pre- and early industrial history became his passion and eventually grew into a museum.

Studebaker’s Hidden Treasure

by Mark L. James

These Raymond Loewy-designed cars may have been trendsetters in their day but were and remained peripheral—but nowadays, more are “known” to exist than were ever built. Somebody must think their time has come so prepare yourself by reading up on them!

The Gilmore Car Museum, Miles From the Ordinary

by David O. Lyon

Opened in 1966, the Gilmore todays sits on a 90-acre campus that is also home to other car-related club headquarters, museums, and activities. Visiting it is in the best sense of the word an experience.

Lancia Loraymo And the Loewy Logic of Industrial Design

by Brandes Elitch

From show car to scrap yard to glorious restoration this book unravels the history and mystery of the one-off that was Loewy’s rolling calling card at the 1960 Paris Motor Show to advertise his own brand.