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Donald Healey’s 8C Triumph Dolomite

by Jonathan Wood

With just three chassis and parts for six engines built, chances are you’ve not seen a 1934/35 Dolomite. They were the most expensive British open two-seaters of their day. None were sold—but they survived, and here is the full story.

Squire: the Man, the Cars, the Heritage

by Jonathan Wood

Few were made, as expensive as Bugattis, but they held a reputation for exceptional top speed and braking.

Alfonso XIII y El Automóvil

by Emilio Polo García

Kings have cars—and this one even has one named after him, the Hispano-Suiza Alfonso XIII roadster. This book has about as many illustrations as pages so even if you don’t speak Spanish you’ll get something out of it.

Citroën DS: Revised and updated edition

by Malcolm Bobbitt

A perennial favorite and design icon  the DS is one of those cars that is either loved or hated. This book gives you reasons for both sides.

Classic Car Auction Yearbook 2013–2014

by Adolfo Orsi and Raffaele Gazzi

This is an annual volume that analyzes, reviews and reports on the year’s auction results from 17 automotive auction houses—nearly 90 events. But this book is far more than just a bunch of dry lists.

Better Than Gold: Investing in Historic Cars

by Dietrich Hatlapa

The book covers subjects such as value drivers, performance measurement, and market history. The author illustrates historic price developments of various market sections, including those of Ferrari, Porsche, and Mercedes-Benz.

Discovered: The Nineteenth Rolls-Royce Phantom IV

by Bill Wolf

Spoiler alert: there really are only eighteen, and only available (when new) to royalty which is why everything there is to know about them is known. But, asketh the fiction writer, What If?

The A–Z of Three-Wheelers: A Definitive Reference Guide

by Elvis Payne

As inevitable a step the three-wheeler was for the evolution of the automobile, not a whole lot has been written about it until recently. The marketplace is certainly beginning to pay attention, so you might as get up to speed.


by Carl Sagan

Surely you’ve been watching the new TV version of this classic work? Read the book and discover more.

British Auto Legends, Classics of Style and Design

by Richard Heseltine
Photos by Michel Zumbrunn

Pretty cars, very pretty photos. You’ll be familiar with most of the cars and marques but here you’ll see them in ways that’ll make you want to throw your own camera away.


by Carl Sagan

Is there anybody out there? Why should we care? The scientific details made Sagan’s novel utterly plausible, even if every reader may have a  different take on the grey area where science and religion touch.

A History of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars: Volume One, 1903–1907

by C W Morton

In the Forword, famed early Rolls-Royce collector and restorer Stanley Sears says: “THIS book had to be written and no one is more qualified to do so than Morton.”