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British Armoured Car Operations In World War One

by Bryan Perrett

WW I was the first conflict to see widespread use of mechanization, a threshold hybrid stage where horse, camel, and mule fought alongside car, tank, and airplane. All except the latter are discussed here.


by James Taylor

Fine things come in small packages—a cliché, but, written by a proper researcher and author, this small booklet is a fine introduction to an extraordinarily long-lived marque.

Brunei’s Bespoke Rolls-Royce and Bentleys

by Richard Vaughan

In the days of yore, it was the Indian potentates who counted among their playthings fabulously exotic, usually custom-made cars. In the 1990s the richest man in the world was said to be the Sultan of oil-rich Brunei and he too lives large. Little is known of his vast car collection so this book definitely opens new territory.

The Rolls-Royce Armoured Car

by David Fletcher

Many automotive marques were pressed into war serive, and many acquitted themselves well. The Rolls-Royces do take pride of place, for reasons this little book makes clear.

Motors Finest, Rolls-Royce and Bentley from the Seeger Collection

by Peter Müller

Soon this private collection will be open to the public but unless your travels take you to Liechtenstein, this book is the only way to see the cars all in one place.

Donald Healey’s 8C Triumph Dolomite

by Jonathan Wood

With just three chassis and parts for six engines built, chances are you’ve not seen a 1934/35 Dolomite. They were the most expensive British open two-seaters of their day. None were sold—but they survived, and here is the full story.

Squire: the Man, the Cars, the Heritage

by Jonathan Wood

Few were made, as expensive as Bugattis, but they held a reputation for exceptional top speed and braking.

The World’s Fastest E-Type Jaguar, The Quest for the Record

by Phil Shephard

That a 50-year-old E-Type set a record on the ice, twice, actually, is surprising enough. So is the story of its amateur crew coping with small budgets and many a deprivation.

Lotus Elan: The Complete Story

by Matthew Vale

Among British sports cars the nimble Elan occupies a place of honor. Not least, as the firm’s first truly commercially successful road car it did much to bankroll the racing operation. This book is about as complete as the title claims it is.

The Hawke History of MMM Competition Cars

by Karl-Joachim Wiessmann (editor)

MG midgets may not seem impressive but the racing versions were very successful and driven by anybody who was anybody. This book isn’t a historical narrative but presents the hard data behind the story.

Coachwork on Derby Bentleys

by James Taylor

Bentleys built at Derby after the firm had just been acquired by Rolls-Royce were and still are highly desirable cars of a mostly sporting flavor. All the coachbuilders of the day put bodies on them, and this book covers the majority of them.

Bentley R Type

by Bernard L. King

A complete listing of every car built of this model, complete with technical specs, basic history, and photos. Lots of photos. Hundreds of photos. If you’re in the market for an R Type or have one already, this book is required reading. There will be a test.