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Fairchild C-82 Packet: The Military and Civil History

by Simon D. Beck 

The first in-depth treatment of a specialized aircraft that pioneered new ways of doing things.

Look familiar? You know you’ve seen it . . .

1001 Aviation Facts

by Mike Machat, editor

From the Wright Brothers to space flight and from the real world to make-believe (TV/movies, model aircraft) this book will put a few—well, 1001—arrows in your quiver to dazzle and impress at the next cocktail party.

Dogfight: The Supermarine Spitfire and the Messerschmitt Bf109

by David Owen

These two very famous WW II fighters were pitted against each other for six years. Both were very good, especially under specific conditions that often favored one over the other—and both were built by men new to the fighter game.

Unflown Wings, Soviet/Russian Unrealised Aircraft Projects 1925–2010

by Yefim Gordon & Sergey Komissarov

If you read this book while having a drink you won’t know if you had one too many or the folk who dreamt up some of these extreme birds. Over 800 illustrations will lure you back again and again.

History’s Most Important Racing Aircraft

by Don Berliner

Racing improves the breed and it garners attention. Here, a hundred years of milestone aircraft show how it’s done.

Valkyrie: The North American XB-70

by Graham M. Simons 

70,000 ft of altitude, Mach 3, and the crew is in shirtsleeves. None of these three things are normal. This super plane took supersonic flight to the edge of the envelope. And then it died.

Flying Wings & Radical Things

by Tony Chong

You may think you know what all came out of Northrop Grumman over the years. You don’t; even if you worked there . . . This book will add a whole new list of names to drop at your next party.

Training the Right Stuff: The Aircraft That Produced America’s Jet Pilots

by Mark A. Frankel & Tommy H. Thomason

Jets behaved like nothing before them; accident rates soared. It wasn’t until 1948 that the military had a proper jet trainer—developed with private funds! This splendid book takes us from biplane to high-tech simulator.

When Rolls and Royce Made History on Dover’s White Cliffs

by Paul Tritton

This small book adds useful detail to a lesser-known chapter of the history of not only the two cofounders of Rolls-Royce but two other important men in the firm’s, and Britain’s history.

Ilyushin Il-28

by Yefim Gordon & Dmitriy Komissarov

The first mass-produced Soviet jet bomber is worth a look for many reasons, both technical and historical.

Tiltrotor Aircraft: An Illustrated History

by Alexander Lüdeke

In recent years, one particular tiltrotor has been in the news a lot, usually because something went wrong. Often spectacularly wrong. Why is it so hard to go up and then forward? Well, this book explains it.

Convair Advanced Designs

by Robert Bradley

Loosing faith in progress? Feeling down by too much “been there/done that”? Well, prepare to be amazed and entertained by two books that look behind the curtain. Not everything here is a flight of fancy; some of these machines were totally viable but just didn’t get green-lighted.