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by Isabelle Allende

Here we have yet another Crime Novel—but from a reputable, serious author. It is her first one. So how does she fare in this, her first time out as a mystery writer? Read our review and be enlightened.

The Caped Crusade, Batman and the Rise of Nerd Culture

by Glen Weldon

The Batman: Just when you think you have your Bat-Fix under control, another book comes along to let you know just how much more you really need. The Bat-Universe seems endless. This book adds Bat-Nerds into the mix and offers a new perspective on the heart of The Caped Crusader’s obsession.

Discovered: The Nineteenth Rolls-Royce Phantom IV

by Bill Wolf

Spoiler alert: there really are only eighteen, and only available (when new) to royalty which is why everything there is to know about them is known. But, asketh the fiction writer, What If?

Twelve Tomorrows

Edited by Bruce Sterling

A science fiction story collection published every year by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Their objective is to bring new technologies to the public’s attention through the popular medium of science fiction.

The Little Bastards

by Jim Lindsay

Blue collar boys yearning for the fast lane. Trading their bicycles for hot rods they experience beer, women, racing, male bonding, and assorted drama. A fictional story—but you know people who lived just that story.

Dora Dutch, A Postmodern Novel

by Bill Wolf

Drugs, sex, science fiction. A word painting. You’ll have to be in a particular frame of mind to unravel this unusual book.

Just One Evil Act

by Elizabeth George  

A tale of tale of love, passion, and betrayal. This 18th installment of Inspector Lynley’s tribulations is the first to take place outside England. Fans of the series will devour it, and newcomers will too.

War and Remembrance

by Herman Wouk

You know you’ve seen the book or heard about it. Wouk himself wrote the screenplay for the TV mini series—but reading the book has an altogether different impact. Don’t miss it!

Wayne of Gotham

by Tracy Hickman

A novel about the man behind the mask, the man who has no superpowers but uses his wits and his considerable resources to be, well, a detective.

Bodyguard, and Four Other Short Science Fiction Novels from Galaxy

H.L. Gold (editor)

Founded by an Italian company and aimed at the American market, Galaxy was published from 1950–1980 and its stories focusing on social issues rather than technology made it one of the leading science fiction magazines of its time.


by Carl Sagan

Is there anybody out there? Why should we care? The scientific details made Sagan’s novel utterly plausible, even if every reader may have a  different take on the grey area where science and religion touch.

Atlas Shrugged

by Ayn Rand

This is one of those books one feels one “has” to read to be a card-carrying member of the civilized world—if only it weren’t so intimidatingly long and complex and, well, difficult. Unless you are, as one of the characters in the book, “impervious to thought” this review may change your mind!