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The Aircraft-Spotter’s Film and Television Companion

by Simon D. Beck

An indispensable companion when you watch a movie and wonder “What was that??” The book tells you that, and more: who flew it, who built it, where is it, was it real?

Keep Watching The Skies, American Science Fiction Movies of the Fifties

by Bill Warren

Warren’s book will absolutely answer any question you might have concerning vintage Sci-Fi cinema, along with many, many things you would not even think to ask. That this book is inclusive is the understatement of the past, the present—and the FUTURE!

Now Showing, A History of Altoona and Blair County Theaters

by Michael G. Farrow

You don’t have to be from Altoona, Pennsylvania to find something interesting in this look at the entertainment palaces—and dives—of a bygone era. The author may overwhelm the general reader in a sea of facts and minutia, but his contribution to film scholarship cannot be ignored.

The Big Screen, The Story of the Movies

by David Thomson

From movie to TV to smartphone screen, from communal to solitary consumption, the author examines 100 years of moving pictures changing life as we know it.

Wayne of Gotham

by Tracy Hickman

A novel about the man behind the mask, the man who has no superpowers but uses his wits and his considerable resources to be, well, a detective.

One World, Big Screen: Hollywood, the Allies, and World War II

by M. Todd Bennett

The film theater and the geopolitical theater come together in a book that explores how movies affect pubic opinion.

Batmobile: The Complete History

by Mark Cotta Vaz

Meet the caped crusader and his primary toy, the Batmobile. From its comic book origins to today’s Hollywood blockbuster all the various models are examined.

The Automobile and American Life

by John Heitmann 

It’s complicated . . . what aspect of life is not affected by the car? It’s a big topic and this little book can get you started.