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Museo Storico Alfa Romeo – The Catalogue

by Lorenzo Ardizio (editor)

This book accompanied the opening of the new Alfa Romeo “Time Machine” museum in 2015 and presents the history of the marque the way the museum does.

Cuba’s Car Culture, Celebrating the Island’s Automotive Love Affair

by Tom Cotter and Bill Warner

By the 1950s Cuba had the highest per capita automotive purchasing of any Latin American country—and since the 1959 trade embargo its car-dependent population has shown the highest degree of ingenuity to keep these oldies on the road.

Classic Car Auction Yearbook 2013–2014

by Adolfo Orsi and Raffaele Gazzi

This is an annual volume that analyzes, reviews and reports on the year’s auction results from 17 automotive auction houses—nearly 90 events. But this book is far more than just a bunch of dry lists.

Classic Fighters Colouring Book

by Dariusz Grzywacz

Leaving aside the question of whether children should be coloring warplanes, this book offers 3-views and outlines of 15 aircraft, along with brief specs and a few words as to their purpose. There are worse ways to spend $5.50 . . .

Big Wings: The Largest Aeroplanes Ever Built

by Philip Kaplan

Splendidly illustrated with not only aircraft “stuff,” this book takes a sometimes nostalgic and always sympathetic look at two dozen big birds.

The Man Who Built the Best Car in the World

by Brian Sewell, illustrated by Stefan Marjoram

The slender book, splendidly illustrated, offers the briefest of glimpses of the man behind the car, Henry Royce, whose high standards for everything he encountered propelled him into greatness and also into sickness.

How to Build a Car: A high-speed adventure of mechanics, teamwork, and friendship

by Lacey & Sodomka

Have you heard the one about a mouse, a frog, and a bird building a car? Not a joke, this charming book for inquisitive young minds explains how a car works—and how you can’t, really, build one on your own.

Columbia Noir, A Complete Filmography 1940–1962

by Gene Blottner

Film Noir fan? Gene Blottner offers a thoroughly researched reference book that will keep you up at night. Reams of information, great illustrations, all given by a man happily obsessed with this classic genre of filmdom.

Catwoman, The Life and Times of a Feline Fatale

by Suzan Colón

A fun pictorial tribute. If this book were about The Batman, it’d be called sexist. Can good graphic design trump mediocre content? Don’t reject this book out of hand—but don’t break the kitty for it either.

Maserati 250F

by David McKinney

Some called it the most beautiful Grand Prix machine of all time. Even replicas today fetch astronomical sums. Many years in the making and combining the efforts of several experts, this excellent book is the best effort yet at sorting out which chassis did what.

ARCADE Toys Catalog

Arcade Manufacturing was incorporated in 1885 and produced high-quality cast iron coffee mills, spring hinges, cork extractors, and stove dampers.  But its cast iron toys made them famous.

Rolls Royce

by Julie Wilson

A small book for young folks offers a simple/simplistic look at an iconic carmaker.