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Automobile Manufacturers of Cleveland and Ohio, 1864–1942

by Frank E. Wrenick with Elaine Wrenick

Automobiles made in Ohio? How about five hundretmarques! Ever hear of a Ben-Hur? If not, this book will add a whole new arsenal of automotive minutia to your lexicon.

1982: The Inside Story of the Sensational Grand Prix Season

by Christopher Hilton

A multitude of factors conspired to make the 1982 season exceptionally turbulent and trying. Political wrangling, a driver’s strike at the first race, fatal crashes, a rather unexpected champion and more, more, more. The book is ten years old but remains a shining beacon.

The Amazing Life of John Cooper Fitch

by Art Evans

“Amazing” doesn’t even begin to exhaust the fullness of the man whose obit described him as “bathed in golden sunlight.” Pilot, racer, sailor, inventor, family man, holder of a speed record—for driving backward.

Maxwell Motor and the Making of the Chrysler Corporation

by Anthony J. Yanik

The list of Maxwell innovations is long, not just in terms of technology but also policy such as marketing specifically to women or hiring a gender-balanced sales force. Once a leading US carmaker, the original firm is long defunct but survives today in the form of Fiat Chrysler.

Telling America’s Story, A History of The Henry Ford

by Miller, Endelman, Braden, Bryk

Henry Ford, the farm boy with a mind for things mechanical, never forgot the values of the rural life that he so comprehensively changed. Collecting the tangible evidence of America’s pre- and early industrial history became his passion and eventually grew into a museum.

Byron J. Carter

by Dean M. Nelson

If you’ve never heard of a Cartercar, you’re not alone—but if your car has an electric starter, you (may) have to thank this prolific inventor, not least because it is said that not having one probably killed him!

The Clydesdale Motor Truck Company: An Illustrated History, 1917–1939

by Tiffany Willey Middleton & James J. Semon

If the Budweiser horses are all that comes to mind when someone says “Clydesdale” this book will add many more arrows to your quiver. Many strands come together in this story and it is good that someone is shining a light on it.

The Fast Times of Albert Champion

by Peter Joffre Nye

You may not know the man but you use his products every time you turn the ignition key. Many of the early pioneers lived large, colorful lives but Champion’s had a particularly bright spark.

Thus Spake David E.

by David E. Davis

An acquired taste, and best to consume the bombast in small doses. Still, a distinctive and colourful voice that immeasurably enriched automotive journalism.

Tom McCahill on Sports Cars

by Tom McCahill

The acid-tongued Yalie took American automobile journalism to new heights and was unafraid to stick to his convictions: he preferred the Corvair to a Porsche—put that in your pipe, Ralph Nader. Here are 54 of his musings.

The Whole Maghilla

Music today is ubiquitous and the music lover is offered nearly infinite choice. Here is a look at the many, many possibilities—from reel-to-reel tape to Sirius Radio, and offers insight into how one can swim through it all—from Debussy to Janelle Monae.

The Smart Roadster – An Autobiography

by Bernhard Reichel

The Mini and the Smart Roadster shared a similar idea. One became an icon, the other . . . a footnote. This book explains everything that should have made this car a success. Why it failed, well, that’s another story for another book.