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Fouga Magister

by Tine Soetaert

This 1950s French aircraft was the world’s first tandem jet trainer produced in substantial numbers and this book shows you all its bits, from nose gear shimmy to boundary layer splitter plate. In other words, advanced stuff.

Secret Wings of World War II

by Lance Cole

Not a new subject at all; except, Cole takes it to places readers may find difficult to follow. “Polarizing” is the word; “interesting,” sure.

Fairey Flycatcher

by Matthew Willis

During the decade between the world wars the little Flycatcher could be found in many corners of the world but it cut its best figure in aerobatics.

You Have Been Warned! A Complete Guide to the Road

by Donald McCullough & Fougasse

First published in 1935 and re-issued many times since, this popular compilation of “humorous advice for perplexed motorists” takes a light-hearted look at things a budding motorist and innocent bystanders ought to know about each other.