Gold Medal for SpeedReaders

July 18, 2012. We are pleased to announce that in our first year of submitting the website for consideration, a jury of our peers has awarded SpeedReaders a Gold medal at the 21st International Automotive Media Conference. For those not familiar with it, the IAMC “is a program to recognize and encourage excellence in all forms of automotive media.” Judging, incidentally, is against a set standard as opposed to a “competition” against other entries.

Branching Out

Readers, reviewers, and publishers have expressed an interest in seeing “our kind” of reviews applied to other genres. We’re happy to oblige and will start with posting reviews of non-transportation items on the “off” days, i.e. Tuesdays and Thursdays. These posts will not be announced on Facebook/Twitter but the RSS feed will automatically update at the time the post goes live on the website.

So, enjoy—and participate by doing your own reviews!

2011 Motor Press Guild Awards Announced

The Motor Press Guild announced on 12/14 its 2011 recipients of the Dean Batchelor Award. “Elva” won in the books category.

New McLaren Books from Coterie Press

Coterie Press is offering an expanded third edition of McLaren, The Cars which now goes up to 2012 and includes the 2011 MP4-26 F1 car, as well as the new MP4-12C supercar that will be in the hands of the first lucky customers in 2012. The new book is cheaper ($49.95) than the 2009 edition we reviewed here!


A companion book is McLaren, The Wins covers F1, F2, F3, F A/5000, Indycars, Can-Am, Interseries, and Le Mans from 1964 until 2011. $79.95

New & Improved Website!

Today, a new and improved SpeedReaders website is going live. It is completely redesigned and has much-enhanced functionality.

Many of our US readers will be familiar with the Public Radio concept: no cost to the public — a minimum of advertising — made possible by the support of the people who use the service.

More and more, websites with rich, original content are switching to a fee-based subscription model. We don’t want to go there—yet. (Nor do we want to engage in the dreaded but inevitable Public Radio-like fundraisers!) YOU can help keep what we do here free of cost to the user, aka you, by giving the DONATE button on the left margin a workout!

Feel the pull of its soft, orange glow . . . C’mon, do it! You know you want to! It’s the right thing!

Countless hours are spent on doing the reviews and upkeep of the website. While you sleep the sleep of the righteous, we toil over piles of books and ponder the mysteries of the universe. You come to SpeedReaders for quality content, not commerce—join us in keeping it that way, won’t you?