The Graham-Bradley Tractor, A History

by Michael E. Keller

The Graham Bradley was was considered a rich man’s tractor in the late 1930. Less than 2300 were built over its 3-year production and no more than 500 survive. Here the story is told in the context of American agriculture and overall industrialization.

Formula 1 Portraits: Gli anni sessanta/The Sixties

by Gianni Cancellierii

Drumroll: photos that have never before been published! And really good photos they are too. What can be said about the 1960s that hasn’t been said before? This author weaves candid shots into his overall exposition of a wild time in racing.

As a Matter of Fact, I Am Parnelli Jones

by Parnelli Jones with Bones Bourcier

Told by the protagonist as much as by his peers this memoir paints a rich picture of the people, cars, and venues in American racing of the 1960s and ‘70s in a sometimes feisty and always engaging manner.

Design & Desire

by Keith Helfet

A flat mountain top took such strong hold of young Helfet’s emotions that he felt moved to train as a designer—and found his calling, and a quarter-century gig at Jaguar. This book was originally intended as a private affair for only family and friends; thank goodness someone convinced him otherwise.

The Porsche 911 Targa Florio Photo Book

by Barbato & Marino

First held in 1906 the Targa Florio in Sicily became legendary for its hardships and danger. No other marque won there more times than Porsche and the top drivers of the day came to test their mettle. This book tells you nothing about the event—but none of the photos have been published before.

Formula 1 2020/2022 – La tecnica/Technical Insights

by Paolo Filisetti

Chicken/egg: some people say it’s the team’s technical director who ought to be on the podium, not the driver. After all, and certainly in the modern era, even the best driver cannot win with poor tech. This book looks at three seasons of challenges/solutions.

Women Behind the Wheel, An Unexpected and Personal History of the Car

by Nancy A. Nichols

The car has always shaped culture. Gender equality has never ceased to be a fiction. Meaning, women’s relationship to the car is not the same as men’s. If this is news to you, off with your head—but first read the book.

Formula 1 Car By Car 2000–09

by Peter Higham

There isn’t a boring year, and certainly not a decade, in F1. Sure, there are seemingly endless years of one marque or driver dominating the sport but even then there’s plenty happening around that.

AMG 45: The Story – The Cars

by Clauspeter Becker et al

If all you know about AMG is from current road tests, prepare to be surprised. And don’t call them a tuner! From the “Red Sow” that made them famous to the newest E-Cell, this book shows 45 years of pretty impressive machinery.

Wheels of Her Own, American Women and the Automobile 1893–1929

by Carla R. Lesh

As if the earliest days of the automobile weren’t fraught enough in regards to the culture at large, the subset of automobilists that was made up of women had layers of additional issues to contend with.

Crayon to CAD – A History of Post-War Automotive Design in Australia

by Paul Beranger

Given the author’s decades-long and international industry experience, this analysis is much broader than merely the Australian scene.

Sea Flight: The Wartime Memoirs of a Fleet Air Arm Pilot

by Hugh Popham

The first published memoir by a British WW II fighter pilot. Not a story of fly-boy derring-do but quiet reflection.