Speed Queens, A Secret History of Women in Motorsports

by Rachel Harris-Gardiner

For almost ten years the author has run the Speedqueens blog, and it contains a lot of material. She has a plethora of stories to
tell, and while she crams too much information into this debut book, it also offers her and others great opportunities for further exploration.

The Green Flag, Just a Bloke’s Story

by Barry Green with Gordon Kirby

“The Bloke” is an Australian whose name has become a staple in American motorsports history as a racing mechanic and team leader/owner. He’s worked with so many of the big names that it is a surprise that no one had already written a book about him.

Comet! The World’s First Jet Airliner

by Graham M. Simons

The exclamation point isn’t really part of the plane’s name but it might as well have been. Sleek and beautiful, it ushered in a new era but paid a heavy prize for blazing the trail. The book covers everything worth knowing about it.

Iron Horse Cowgirls

by McKay & St. Vincent Vogl

A history of motorcycling in America and a social history as well. It also provides life lessons in how to prevail and overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles.

Variable Valve Timings: Memoirs of a Car Tragic

by Chris Harris

Once, and only for a while, Ferrari banned Harris from reviewing their cars. So did Lamborghini. Such is the price of journalistic independence. He’s done a lot more than Top Gear. And he really does know cars.

Inside Formula 1: Behind-the-Scenes Photography, 1950–2022

by Daniel Reinhard

Now in English. You do not want to miss this book!! It’s not just F1, and it’s Behind-the-Scenes in the sense that you’re looking over the photographer’s shoulder at what he sees, what he knows, what he thinks.

Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione – Spider

by Ivan Scelsa

Built in small numbers and for only a few years you’ve probably never seen an 8C in the flesh. Or even read about it—because this is the first book-length tour of the car and how it fits into the Alfa Romeo portfolio.

Inside the Duesenberg SSJ, The Special Speedsters

by Angelo Van Bogart

Rare cars indeed! Exactly two produced, both still extant nearly 90 years later and in beautiful condition—now featured in a beautiful book.

Giorgetto & Fabrizio Giugiaro

by Luciano Greggio

Voted Car Designer of the Century this Automotive Hall of Famer also designed a host of other things, including pasta! The bulk of the book covers Giorgetto’s car designs but also the work of GFG Style founded with his son.

Factory Air: Cool Cars in Cooler Comfort, An Illustrated History of Automotive Air-Conditioning

by Allen B. Simons

Would you spend $5K in today’s money on AC in your car? That’s what it cost back in the pre-WWII days, which is what this first of four volumes examines. Hundreds of illustrations, many rare, show Packard, Cadillac, and Chrysler offerings.

An AUTObiography

by Charles Howard

After some 65 years of “loving cars” UK vintage-car dealer Charles Howard figures he has a thing or two to tell the world—about cars in particular and life in general.

American Gun: The True Story of the AR-15

by Cameron McWhirter and Zusha Elinson

Why is this the gun we hear about all the time, and in the worst of circumstances? Who is the fellow who invented it and why? And how did a strictly military tool get into civilian hands? In calm and precise language, the authors report all the factors behind both the ingenuity and the mayhem