How the Watch was Worn: A Fashion for 500 Years

by Genevieve Cummins

Time—it’s all relative. Where early watches made do with only one hand (hours) today’s atomic clocks track nanoseconds. This book won’t tell you why people wear watches but how.

Deuce! 1932 Ford Hot Rods from the Bruce Meyer Collection

by Ken Gross

The common denominator to the feature cars is that they are all the “same” model but they’re vastly different from each other—which is the whole point of hot rods. Their current custodian owns cars of all stripes but rods are his first love.

The Road to Pickletown

by William Jeanes

The author is a longtime motoring journalist so, yes, there is car-content here. But this collection of newspaper columns ranges wide and far—see subtitle. If you remember the Bolus & Snopes racing team, from the 1970s, you’re probably already in the mood for this book.

Secret Wings of World War II

by Lance Cole

Not a new subject at all; except, Cole takes it to places readers may find difficult to follow. “Polarizing” is the word; “interesting,” sure.

Bonneville’s Women of Land Speed Racing

by “Landspeed” Louise Ann Noeth

Unlike other forms of motorsports, gender doesn’t seem to be an inherently restrictive factor on the salt. Over 200 women have stepped up to the starting line, and dozen of them have set records. Many more work the event behind the scenes, and then there are the engineers and builders.

312 P: One of Ferrari’s Most Beautiful Racers

by Gianni Agnesa

Enzo Ferrari, that arch proponent of “function over form,” is said to have made one exception: the 312 P. It may only be an anecdote but what facts are known about this car are in this book, along with fantastic period photos.

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, A Novel

by Quentin Tarantino

You saw the movie! Now read the book! Filmmaker Quentin Taratino, of Pulp Fiction fame, scores another hit. Rated R for language, alcohol use, and sexual content!

Porsche Unseen: Design Studies

by Jan Karl Baedeker & Stefan Bogner

You’d have to be quite the Porsche geek to have known, let alone seen, any of the cars shown here. There are many more where these came from and one can only speculate why Porsche allowed these 15 to be made public.

Hot Rod Milestones: America’s Coolest Coupes, Roadsters, and Racers

by Ken Gross & Robert Genat

Many stars are on the hot rod firmament; this book shows the 25 whose light reaches farthest and explains what technical and stylistic attributes endowed them with lasting influence.

Porsche Home

Thinking of owning a Porsche? Need some persuasion? Or inspiration? Take a look at what these folks have to say about their Porsches. They’re from all over the planet and all walks of life but you’ll definitely have heard some of these names!

The American Speed Shop

by Bob McClurg

Speed shop is such an established term that you find it in the dictionary, certainly an American one. Back in the day, many shops didn’t just sell over the counter go-fast parts but made their own, and all were places in which to hang out and talk shop.

1994: The Untold Story of a Tragic and Controversial F1 Season

by Ibrar Malik

A veritable Annus Horibilis. If you paid attention you probably have an opinion or three. So did the author, but he ended up revising some of them in the course of writing this book! Will you?