Car Spy: Secret Cars Exposed by the Industry’s Most Notorious Photographer

by Jim Dunne

VR may have become mainstream but to shake out a new car you have to put it on a real road at some point, sometimes years before it reaches series production. And you’ll want to keep it under wraps, lest industry watchers, or worse the competition get wind of it. Enter, the spy photographer.

Lotus Europa, Colin Chapman’s Mid-Engined Masterpiece

by Matthew Vale

From design and engineering to owners’ observations about running one of these things this is the only book dedicated purely to the Europa. The book may not change your mind about its looks but it’ll make you see it with new eyes and understand why it mattered.

Sharknose V6 – Ferrari 156, Ferrari 246SP & Ferrari 196SP

by Jörg-Thomas Födisch, Rainer Rossbach

The 1960s are an era rich in motorsports glory and drama. Before the Ford-Ferrari wars became a thing it was Lotus and BRM that showed Ferrari up. Lots of photos, many unpublished before, and a context-rich story distinguish this book.

Developing A Champion, The Electramotive NISSAN GTP Story

by Chris Willes

California-based Electramotive Engineering was responsible for developing and racing this car—winning the Constructor’s Championship in 1989, 1990, and 1991 and thwarting rival Jaguar’s ambitions. Willes was there and can offer an insider’s look at things.

Toymaker: My Journey from War to Wonder

by Tom Karen

Now in his nineties “the man who designed the 1970s” offers here a celebration of creativity. From domestic appliances to transistor radios and furniture to motorcars there was hardly an area of everyday life this industrial designer did not apply himself to.

The Racers 

by Neal Bascomb

It’s not often that a book receives a special do-over to suit the interests of a specific market. Here, an adult book has been reconfigured for young adults, loosing nothing in the transition while gaining more photos!

Foyt, Andretti, Petty: America’s Racing Trinity 

by Bones Bourcier

In the 100-year history of American motorsports there’s one particularly fertile period when the careers of several drivers bloomed and overlapped before becoming so big that today they are household names.

A History of Auto Racing in New England

Dick Berggren, editor

Unless you live there you probably had no idea how long ago racing started in that region. This excellent book connects many dots that extend far beyond those six states.

McLaren: The Engine Company

by Roger S. Meiners

Who hasn’t heard of McLaren? But did you know that McLaren Engines is an American company and that its motors can be found in anything from Can Am to F1 to dirt tracks, even road cars and boats? Meiners has worked at/for all the various McLaren companies and can offer an inside look.

John Z, the DeLorean, and Me: Tales from an Insider

by Barrie Wills

DeLorean’s longest-serving employee became its last CEO and so knows the firm’s history from all angles. You’ll probably end up retiring a good many of the falsehoods that have sprung up over the years.

The China Car

by François Castaing

If all you have to get around is a bicycle, moving up to a car seems mighty appealing—and too often unattainable. A Chrysler project solved all the technical problems and had a solid business case, and still it wasn’t ever built.

Rolling Sculpture: A Designer and His Work

by Gordon M. Buehrig with William S. Jackson

Many of you will know the cars: the coffin-nosed Cords, the dual-cowl Duesenbergs and the elegant Continental Mark II. Some of you may know the name Gordon Buehrig–the mind and the hand that conceived them.