9600 HP, The Story of the World’s Oldest E-Type

by Philip Porter

Not just any old E-Type but the one from the launch in 1961. It has survived and was gloriously restored—after gathering dust in a barn for two decades. Many hands have touched the car, many things have happened to it—and it’s all here.

Carchictecture, Houses with Horsepower

by Demeulemeester, De Bruyne, Voet

“A car is not a horse. It doesn’t need a barn.” A very famous architect (who actually owned many cars) said that. Well, this Belgian book begs to differ and offers examples from different parts of the world.

The Golden Age of European Railways

by Brian Solomon

Whether looking at pretty pictures or thinking big thoughts about politics and economics, it won’t take any arm-twisting at all to spend hours and hours with this lavishly illustrated and nicely designed book!

Volkswagen Beetles and Buses, Smaller and Smarter  

by Russell Hayes

Big round anniversaries are often accompanied by book releases, and this is one such. These models remain ever popular, and while there are plenty of books about them, this one is witty and surprisingly wide-ranging for its small size.

Cosmos, The Infographic Book of Space

by Stuart Lowe & Chris North

Space. You know it’s out there, but sizes, distances, temporal relationships are impossibly hard to visualize. Not anymore.

GTO/64: The Story of Ferrari’s 250GTO/64

by Doug Nye

The most in-depth story of the seven Grand Tourer Berlinettas that constitute the final year of production. From evolution/design to period racing to thorough details about subsequent owners and activities. And, yes, there ARE new details and new photos!

Morris – the Cars and the Company

by Jon Pressnell

There once was a time when modest Morris owned the largest-ever share of the British market. What happened? Lots of new material sheds light on the matter.

1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS

by Dale McIntosh

Among the plethora of performance Chevys of the muscle car era, the 1970 Chevelle SS 454 LS6 was at the top of the list. And it is still a hit with collectors and restorers. The best way not to buy a dud is to first buy this book.

Tupolev Tu144: The Soviet Supersonic Airliner

by Yefim Gordon, Dmitriy Komissarov, Vladimir Rigmant

This icon of Soviet national prestige did take to the skies before the Concorde but ended up having a much shorter service life. Of the few publications devoted specifically to this aircraft, this book is the most complete yet.

IMSA 1969–1989

by Mitch Bishop & Mark Raffauf

If you are racing as a pro, you need rules to ensure uniform standards and thus fair competition. Rules are made by sanctioning bodies, and IMSA is one such. Why someone thought it was needed and how it fits into the larger scheme of things is the topic of this fine book.

Ford Model T: An Enthusiasts Guide, 1908 to 1927 (All Models and Variants)

by Chas Parker

Here the Tin Lizzy is being examined from a British perspective and you’ll gain a fresh appreciation of why it was crowned “most influential car of the 20th century.”

Auto-tecture: Unique Designs for the Contemporary Garage

by Andreas K. Vetter

Tired of sticking the ole car into its little shed? Need some glam, make a statement, be hip? You’re not alone. This idea book is practical enough to include floor plans but, really, is more about the art of living with a car.