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Authoritative reviews of transportation books and media

Would you like to become a reviewer? works because of our volunteer reviewers. If you like cars (or motorcycles, trains, airplanes, ships, racing, or history) and can write well, we’d like you to consider reviewing books, videos, or DVDs for us. You will retain ownership of your review (with the understanding that a publisher or author can quote part or all of the review, as long as they give credit to you, the reviewer; and to

If you’d like for us to give you a try, contact us and let us know who you are and what book you’d like to review. Be sure to include the title, subtitle, author, publisher, date of publication, number of pages and illustrations, list price, and ISBN number.

If it’s a book we’re interested in, we’ll talk some more about our approach. The review should be 500–800 words long (up to 1200 words if you have the urge). It should discuss what the book is about, why the author wrote the book, who the audience is for this book, how well the author writes, and if the author has succeeded in writing a book that enlightened you. Ideally, the reviewer will have some awareness of the existing literature on the subject so as to have a good sense of context.

So — contact us, and help make the world a smarter place!


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