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Honda/Acura NSX: Honda’s Original Supercar

by Brian Long

Conceived as “the everyday supercar” the NSX delivered, often enough besting the higher-priced competition. The press and engineering folk loved it, the buying public not so much.

Cult of GT-R

by Ryan K. ZumMallen

Starting in 2023, some models of Skyline GT-Rs have cleared the 25-year rule that prohibited their legal importation into the US. This book describes how, and why, people had gone to great lengths to get their cars here before that.

UFO Drawings From The National Archives

by David Clarke 

Some say The Truth is Out There. Even if it is, so is a whole load of other stuff. Fake news is not news! This delightfully left-field book shows how the UFO phenomenon has been a rich seam mined by a diversity of Britons, ranging from the self-delusional to the unsettlingly sane.

Nissan Z, 59 Years of Exhilarating Performance

by Pete Evanow

Intended at launch as a halo car, the Z showed the world that the Japanese really could get the essence of a sports car just right—looks, reliability, performance, even affordability—so right that it has remained in production for over fifty years.

Swedish Coachbuilders – A Story of Craftsmanship

by Jan Ströman

You may not know the names, you may not even know how to pronounce them but Sweden is more than Saab and Volvo (or Koenigsegg)! This book shows how early Teutonic influences gave way to more original expressions.

Monteverdi: Geschichte einer Schweizer Automarke

by Gloor and Wagner

This small Swiss marque was created by an outstanding man with great vision who rose from car salesman to racer to F1 team boss, considered gasoline his drug, and owned 11,000 model cars. How could you not be interested? This is the only book about him and his cars.

Tatra: The Legacy of Hans Ledwinka (2nd ed)

by Ivan Margolius & John G. Henry

Ledwinka is probably one of the greatest engineers nobody has ever heard of. In the interwar years he introduced and refined many innovations. This is the only book in English covering this extraordinary engineer.

Škoda Superb, A New Era

by Lewandowski, Zimmer, Peitzmeier

Škoda has been around for 120 years. This book showcases their flagship model.

Russian Motor Vehicles: Soviet Limousines 1930–2003

by Maurice A Kelly

Maybe the production of this book was already too near its end to include a notice that it was only May 2010 that Russian President Dmitry Medvedev made it known that he desired to replace his Mercedes Benz state limousine with a proper domestic product. Not that there are any to choose from…

Russian Motor Vehicles: The Czarist Period 1784 to 1917

by Maurice A Kelly

If the books in your bookcase are organized, say, by topic or by country, this book will live a lonely life—in Siberia you might say. The literature on Russian vehicles is exceedingly thin, and even if there were more, this book would stand out.

The Automobiles of the Maharajas

by Manvendra Singh Barwani and Sharada Dwivedi

The book’s handsome presentation, with its copper-toned, deeply embossed dust jacket that protects the finely-textured fabric over the hardcovers, makes it virtually impossible to resist looking inside. Prepare to be transported far away.