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Goodyear; 3 Books About

Three different books about Goodyear. Written many years apart they manage not to duplicate any contents—a testament to the firm’s varied offerings of products and services.

Bonneville Salt Flats

by “Landspeed” Louise Ann Noeth

Each year between August and September, Bonneville Speedway is buzzing with activity as cars, trucks, and motorcycles go after land speed records or merely a bumpy, really fast joyride. But the surface is never the same twice, and the salt pan is getting thinner all the time.

Don “The Snake” Prudhomme, My Life Beyond the 1320

by Don Prudhomme with Elana Scherr

There’s nothing funny about a Funny Car cracking 250 mph. Prudhomme was the first to do that, and a host of other things. After almost five decades in motorsports he’s got stories to tell, and not just about racing!

The Cellini of Chrome

by Henry Dominguez

George Walker was flamboyant, charismatic, possessed flair and a personality that matched his beaming smile. Ford hired this capable designer as its first-ever vice president of styling.

Chris Pook & The History of The Long Beach GP

by Gordon Kirby

The Long Beach GP is pretty much the template for modern-era professional racing on city streets. It had a 45-year run, curtailed only by Covid. This book by its promotor is as attention-holding and fast-paced a read as his life has been.

Don’t Wash Mine

by Kirk F. White 

Kirk White lived so many aspects of “car-ness”—from Hershey to Hot Rod Reunion, from LeMans to NHRA run-offs in Kansas, concours to conceiving and conducting the first-ever vintage car auction.

Zen and the Art of Collecting Old Cars

by Bruce Valley

After six decades around interesting cars, there are stories to be told, stories that may well save the reader headaches. Even if you’re a seasoned collector, there’s always something useful about comparing notes.

Journey to the West

by Jim Schild

It’s 1915 and two young guys are driving from New York to California. Naturally, things happen along the way. Or so the author says.

Mickey Thompson, The Lost Story of the Original Speed King in his Own Words

The first American to break the 400-mph barrier and holder of more speed and endurance records than any other man in automotive history died by—bicycle. On which the killers sent by a former business partner had ridden to his house to shoot him!

More Than Automobiles: The Packards of Warren, Ohio

by A.J. Balfour

Who was the first female FBI agent? Would you have known it was a Packard? Written by a longtime Packard enthusiast, the book follows two generations of Packards, using many previously unpublished images.

The Road to the Top is Not on the Map

edited by Carla Bailo and Terry Barclay

Candid observations from high-level female auto industry execs look at the practical (cf. do you really need a graduate degree?) and the abstract (cf. finding joy in the workplace). Whether you’re just starting out or looking at a career change, there’s probably an idea here that could show the way.

A History of the Legendary 4 x 4 Ford Bronco

by Todd Zuercher

The fellow who brought you the Mustang also did the Bronco, Ford’s first SUV. Now it’s being reintroduced for 2021—and there is such demand that there’s an 18-month waitlist! This book explains what made it popular.