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Shipwrecked and Rescued, Cars and Crew

by Larry Jorgensen

Winter 1926. A cargo freighter sinks. Thousands of others have sunk in the Great Lakes but what makes this story different is that not only the crew was rescued but the cargo—over 240 new cars, one of which lived to see its odo roll past 200,000 miles.

The Road Forward

by Carlo Bailo & Terry Barclay

Interviews with 70 women in positions of leadership throughout the industry from suppliers to OEMs and academia offer insights into generic industry issues and also the impact of the COVID pandemic.

Secrets of the Barn Find Hunter, The Art of Finding Lost Collector Cars

by Tom Cotter

He calls himself a one-trick pony—and that pony is cars. Every other Wednesday folks know to set aside time to catch his latest barn find adventure on YouTube. That 1939 Ford Deluxe Woody he drives regularly on the show? He bought it when he was 15! He learned a thing or three since then and this is his story.

The Big Book of TINY CARS

by Russell Hayes

In the US they’ve never amounted to more than a curiosity but in other countries they were legit transportation, and pretty much right from the beginning of the automobile. Nowadays, classics command prices that are anything but tiny and this book discusses over a hundred.

Art Fitzpatrick & Van Kaufman, Masters of the Art of Automobile Advertising

by Rob Keil

Previously unpublished sketches, studies, and reference photos show two automotive artists and their team at work, thanks to unprecedented access to their archives

Lost Muscle Car Dealerships

by Duncan S. Brown

A complete list of dealerships that once specced their own souped-up cars or sponsored customers’ race cars, if it were even possible to compile one, would number more than the 17 presented here. This book also includes Canadian ones.

Astonishing Stories Pilots Tell

by Robert N. Pripps

You’ve heard it: flying is hours and hours of absolute boredom interspersed by moments of sheer panic. The author has written three dozen books about farm tractors but his heart has always been in the clouds. He earned his pilot’s license half a century ago—plenty long to have picked up a few tales.

Detroit Steel Artists

by Matthew Kilkenny

Ray Dietrich probably designed more custom and semi-custom cars than any other designer of the Classic Car Era. This is the book about Dietrich and others and those cars.

Culture & Customisation: The Motor Scooter Story  

by Barry John

It’s not just nostalgia that keeps interest in scooters alive and well today. They are as practical as ever, economical to operate, take up little space, and now they even have zero-emissions electric motors. Plus, a brand-new racing series debuts this year, the eSkootr Championship.

Legends & Lore Along California’s Highway 395

by Brian Clune

Have a need to visit  a house shaped like a lemon? Or, more sobering, the Manzanar Internment Camp? Or check if there really are 80,000 hubcaps in the hubcap capital of the world? Heck, that stop counts as a twofer because the 25-ft-tall woman lives here too. Go West, young wo/man!

The Archaeological Automobile

by Miles C. Collier

Will “the future” consider “the car” a mere phase, possibly ill-fated and best forgotten, in the history of man? Your car matters to you—but is there a higher tier that constitutes “cultural heritage”? Why? And which? And what are the consequences of such questions?

Tattered Cover Book Store, A Storied History

by Mark A. Barnhouse

If you think of the book as a dying breed (not!) what about brick-and-mortar book stores, especially independents? Tattered Cover in Denver is also a cultural institution and garnered nationwide attention in a First Amendment Supreme Court case. A former employee has recorded the first fifty years.