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Speed Queens, A Secret History of Women in Motorsports

by Rachel Harris-Gardiner

For almost ten years the author has run the Speedqueens blog, and it contains a lot of material. She has a plethora of stories to
tell, and while she crams too much information into this debut book, it also offers her and others great opportunities for further exploration.

Tales of Studebaker, The Early Years

by Jan B Young

Thirty-eight historical vignettes from Studebaker’s earliest years provide a look at life in America 1852 to 1930 and the then-nascent automobile industry and more.

Cult of GT-R

by Ryan K. ZumMallen

Starting in 2023, some models of Skyline GT-Rs have cleared the 25-year rule that prohibited their legal importation into the US. This book describes how, and why, people had gone to great lengths to get their cars here before that.

Three Men in a Land Rover

by Waxy Wainwright, Mike Palmer, Chris Wall

Three school friends, a £400 Landy, wanderlust in the name of a bigger cause: the United Nations. This 1969 adventure makes for a unique tale, not least because it could hardly happen today because the world has not become a friendlier or more stable place since then.

Adolph Sutro, King of the Comstock Lode and Mayor of San Francisco

by William R. Huber

He dreamed big, and achieved and built big. Though not a household name today, his legacy—one of beauty—is inspiring.

American Cars: Every Model, Year by Year

by J. “Kelly” Flory, Jr.

Now split into two volumes you find here yearly update on all US makes with production and sales figures, and details on all models offered that year—body styles, base prices, engine/transmission choices, specs, options etc.

Cord Complete

by Josh B. Malks

Cord Complete is simply the most appropriate title possible for this book for a myriad of reasons. Comprehensiveness is just one of those reasons. It is an amplification of Malks’ earlier volume on the same topic.

Switchback, A Spy Thriller

by J.K. Kelly

Motorsports, international intrigue, political thriller—yes, this book is a work of fiction. There’s a lot going on on that cover image, and more in the book.

An Austin Anthology: Volumes I, II, III

by James Stringer

Austins flew, floated and farmed, powered two- and four-wheelers, ran on rails, worked as taxicabs and went on very long trips.

The Master Driver of the World, The 1914 Cactus Derby

by Mark G. Dill

Only five of twenty starters finished this last running of the Los Angeles—Phoenix race and were lauded as “Motormen of Speed,” with the winner crowned “Master Driver of the World.” That was Barney Oldfield, he of the wild antics and colorful reputation.

Fundamental Carburetion, From the Gas Tank to the Combustion Chamber

by Dean G. Tryon

EVs may be the future, and fuel injection has been around for decades—but carbs have not gone away! Air and fuel need to come together just so, and a multitude of factors influence the outcome.

Tales from the Garage

by Rodney Kemerer

Thirty magazine columns now in book form. Musings about a little bit of everything and especially about cars—even toy cars—and their people.