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Fuelin’ Around

by J.K. Kelly

There once was a racer who wondered if his fuel was all it could be. He taught himself chemistry and physics, didn’t blow himself up, and founded VP Racing Fuels which today is an internationally known name. This memoir is by someone who worked there for 30 years.

Driverless America

by Joseph E. Hummer

Pick up any old consumer magazine and you’d think driverless cars are right around the corner. Well, it’s a big corner—but still, you should drive the heck out of whatever is in your garage right now! And also hope you don’t get run over . . . by an inattentive driver!

The Land Rover Story

by Dave Phillips

Beginning with the 1970s Range Rover model, the Spartan, rugged Landy of yore has moved resolutely upmarket. It still goes, true to its motto, “Above & Beyond” but the firm has also just recorded its largest financial loss in history. A big story, told here by a marque expert.

Corvette Stingray: The Mid-Engine Revolution

An abundance of nice pictures present some first looks at the eighth generation Corvette, the first with a mid-engine configuration. Though it’s a little light on those promised development details, it is all GM-approved.

Quest for Speed: The Epic Saga of Record-Breaking on Land

by Barry John

Ever watch a car break the sound barrier? If it’s a blur to look at, imagine what it looks like from inside the cockpit! When Chuck Yeager had done it in the air half a century before, he too was rattled. This book covers highlights of the 100-year LSR history.

The B-25 in the Backyard

by Walter C. Soplata

Talk about taking your work home . . . the author worked in a scrapyard, and, being an aviation enthusiast, hated to have to cut up so many interesting bits. So he bought stuff, from motors to entire airfames. Good thing he had a large lot!

Developing A Champion, The Electramotive NISSAN GTP Story

by Chris Willes

California-based Electramotive Engineering was responsible for developing and racing this car—winning the Constructor’s Championship in 1989, 1990, and 1991 and thwarting rival Jaguar’s ambitions. Willes was there and can offer an insider’s look at things.

The Racers 

by Neal Bascomb

It’s not often that a book receives a special do-over to suit the interests of a specific market. Here, an adult book has been reconfigured for young adults, loosing nothing in the transition while gaining more photos!

McLaren: The Engine Company

by Roger S. Meiners

Who hasn’t heard of McLaren? But did you know that McLaren Engines is an American company and that its motors can be found in anything from Can Am to F1 to dirt tracks, even road cars and boats? Meiners has worked at/for all the various McLaren companies and can offer an inside look.

The China Car

by François Castaing

If all you have to get around is a bicycle, moving up to a car seems mighty appealing—and too often unattainable. A Chrysler project solved all the technical problems and had a solid business case, and still it wasn’t ever built.

Junkyard Nights: Haunting NorCal’s Automotive Graveyards

by Troy Paiva

A night at the graveyard, what’s not to . . . love? This light painting photographer has been lighting up the night for over 30 years and published several books showcasing his observations.

Goodyear; 3 Books About

Three different books about Goodyear. Written many years apart they manage not to duplicate any contents—a testament to the firm’s varied offerings of products and services.