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by Franco Fabbri & Cesare Sangiorgi

Ilario, that is, not Lorenzo, the ill-fated Ferrari pilot. Ilario (1911–1992), known as “Lili” to his close friends, was a remarkable man who during the course of some 30 years created the jewel-like Bandini sports racers.

Road Racing: Drivers of the 60’s and 70’s

by L Weldon & J Heimann

Once upon a time motor racing was purely a man’s sport. With rare exceptions, women weren’t allowed near the cars during the race. In photos from the ’30s it’s always raining and cold, and the men in the pits, invariably clad in long overcoats and ties, all seem to resemble Humphrey Bogart or Alfred Neubauer.

A Champion’s View

by Phil Hill & John Lamm

Ferrari racing cars and races of the 1950s and 1960s, described by the man who competed in them.

Mark Donohue: Technical Excellence at Speed

by Michael Argetsinger

This biography consists of two books, this 344-page text version with only 40 photos and a second volume consisting of several hundred photographs with relevant captions. Argetsinger has written a remarkable and fitting tribute to one of America’s greatest race drivers.

Alpine and Renault: The Development of the Revolutionary Turbo F1 Car 1968 to 1979

by Roy Smith

Neither Alpine nor Renault seem likely candidates for developoing the first turbocharged Grand Prix car. Finally there is proper book to tell the story of the people and ides behind it.

André Lefebvre and the Cars He Created for Voisin and Citroën

by Gijsbert-Paul Berk

In addition to his work at Voisin, Lefebvre was in large part responsible for the Citroën Traction Avant, the H series trucks and vans, the 2CV and the DS—to have been responsible for just one of these cars would be worthy of nomination to the Engineering Hall of Fame!

Bentley’s Great Eight: The Astonishing 50-Year Saga of one of History’s Greatest V8 Engines

by Karl Ludvigsen

A mighty engine of uncommon longevity, dissected here with customary Ludvigsen attention to detail. But why is it a Bentley and not a Rolls-Royce unit? That’s a whole other story.

Ferrari by Mailander

by Karl Ludvigsen

This seemingly cost-no-object book is betting that its target audience is astute enough to appreciate great photography, outstanding layout, superb photo selection and willing enough to chuck out $125 for the privilege of ownership.

Enrico Nardi, A Fast Life

by Dino Brunori, Andrea Curami

Enrico Nardi would probably be amused at the attention he continues to receive some 43 years after his death in 1966. More at home in the shop than in social situations, money, fame, or gold watches did not impress him much.