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Sea Flight: The Wartime Memoirs of a Fleet Air Arm Pilot

by Hugh Popham

The first published memoir by a British WW II fighter pilot. Not a story of fly-boy derring-do but quiet reflection.

Half Century, Baby! Fifty Years of the Grumman F-14 Tomcat

by David Parsons and Mads Bangsø

This is one of the top books on the subject, thanks to the authenticity and competence of the many people who were interviewed for it.

GHOSTS 2024 Calendars, The Great War & A Time Remembered

by Philip Makanna

If you didn’t know these are photographs you’d swear they must be paintings. Some of these air-to-air shots look completely impossible to capture while everything is moving any which way.

The Nature of World War I Aircraft, Collected Essays 

by Javier Arango

Reading about vintage aircraft is one thing, and for many the closest they will get, but Arango had the means and the mindset to actually experience them, first by restoring or recreating them and then flying them—and then writing about it.

101 Hours in a Zeppelin

Ernst August Lehman and the Dream of Transatlantic Flight, 1917

by Robert S. Pohl

Primarily based on a large trove of letters by a civilian scientist who field-tested new concepts on military airships this book explores a familiar subject from a new angle.

Flying and Preserving Historic Aircraft, The Memoirs of David Ogilvy

by David Ogilvy

Can’t tell roll from bank? Ever put a fuel-soaked rag into your carb intake to encourage combustion? Ever piloted a 1910 triplane, or the first British jet? Ogilvy’s highly polished prose will transport you into the cockpit.

Airway to the East 1918–1920 and the Collapse of No.1 Aerial Route RAF

by Clive Semple

The Arab-Israeli conflict is in the news every day. This book revisits a story related to it but buried since 1919 and deals with early long-distance flying in general.

Go Fast or Go Home: The Garth Hogan Story

by Tim Hanna

Dragster racer, record holder, FIA commissioner, founder of multiple businesses, pilot, restorer, museum founder—just reading this list makes you wonder if the differences in cyclonic motion in the hemispheres affects how time flies on Zealandia.

The White Rose of Stalingrad

by Bill Yenne

In WWII, only the Soviets had female active duty combat pilots. In fact, they had three all-female squads. Two of their pilots became aces. The long-suppressed and forgotten story of one of them is told here.

Battle of Britain The Movie: The Men and Machines of one of the Greatest War Films Ever Made

by Robert J. Rudhall & Dilip Sarkar

You may not have seen the original 1969 movie but outtakes from it found their way into more than a dozen movies between 1971 and 2010. This book explains why and how the movie was made, with special emphasis on the aircraft used.

From the Pilot’s Seat, Kiwi Adventures in the Sky

by Fletcher McKenzie

From Dambusters to Richard Branson’s private pilot, 23 Kiwi pilots from different eras who have worked around the world share reminiscences.

Military Low-Flying in the UK: The Skill of Pilots and Photographers

by Michael Leek 

Look at the cover photo and consider that it was taken from the ground, not from a higher-flying plane! This book shows how it’s done.