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Badges & Uniforms of the Royal Air Force

by Malcolm C. Hobart

If you collect insignia or spent time analyzing photos, this book will be a handy reference for deciphering who’s what in the RAF and its predecessor, and even several of the auxiliary services.

Spitfire Aces of Burma and the Pacific

by Andrew Thomas

If all you know of the Spitfire is “Battle of Britain” you may well be surprised in how many other places and roles this iconic aircraft added laurels to its name.

Motorcars of the Classic Era

by Michael Furman

Splendid photos of 83 classic cars from 1925–1948.

Alpine Trails & Rallies: Mountain Motor Sport 1910–­1973

by Martin Pfundner

The first-ever, albeit brief, overview of an incredible endurance test that could make or break the cars and possibly the companies that made them.

Architecture and Automobiles

by Philip Jodidio

Take a tour around the world to see examples of how the car begat architecture specific to its requirements or complementary to the attributes it embodies, from the obvious—like car museums—to the not so obvious—like accoustic barriers.

America’s Secret MiG Squadron: The Red Eagles of Project CONSTANT PEG

by Gaillard R. Peck, Jr.

For ten years the U.S. Air Force secretly trained Air Force, Navy, and Marine Corps fighter aircrews against actual Soviet MiG jet fighters. Written by the man who initiated the program this book covers everything from fighting the bureaucracy to fighting the enemy.

Borneo Boys: RAF Helicopter Pilots in Action

by Roger Annett

Terrorists, rebels, border conflicts, dubious alliances—sounds like everyday modern news. This book revisits a long forgotten conflict from 50 years ago. For once, it turned out well.

Racing Bicycles: 100 Years of Steel

by David Rapley

Excellent photos of things you won’t have seen before—because they’re Down Under, Australia that is. Anyone with a mechanical bend will get weak knees.

Defiant, Blenheim and Havoc Aces

by Andrew Thomas

Different planes with different tasks—what brings them together in this one book is their stop-gap tour of duty as nightfighters.

Le Mans: The Bentley and Alfa Years 1923–1939

by R.M. Clarke & A.D. Clausager

Hundreds of magazine and newspaper articles capture the early Le Mans exploits of two storied marques. They are written in gripping prose for an audience that didn’t know TV or often even radio.

Airstream, The History of the Land Yacht

by Bryan Burkhart & David Hunt

Where has the “aluminum-skinned, gleaming silver bullet” aka “The Silver Twinkie” not been to on this planet?? At its prime it wasn’t just a trailer but a subculture whose practitioners crisscrossed the globe en masse.

How Your Motorcycle Works

by Peter Henshaw

A basic guide to what does what and why, and how to keep it that way! Includes hybrid and battery-electric machines. It won’t make you a master mechanic but gives an understanding of fundamental principles and processes.