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Sunshine, Speed and a Surprise: The 1959 Grand Prix of The United States

by Joel E. Finn

Expository writing: somewhere here or in the hereafter there is a school teacher who takes pride in their former student, Joel Finn, for his clarity of expression. He marshals data, and interweaves anecdotes and his first-person observations into a compelling narrative of the first US Grand Prix.

Damn Few Died in Bed: Memories of a Life in American Automobile Racing

by Andy Dunlop

Before the days of even rudimentary safety features, brave and talented men raced brutally fast open-wheeled automobiles on the exciting dirt tracks of Middle America. Dunlop gives us a new appreciation of the lives of the people that crisscrossed the heartland on two-lane highways to compete in America’s bull rings on weekends.

The Cobra-Ferrari Wars 1963–1965

by Michael L Shoen

First published twenty-five years after the “war”, Michael Shoen’s account, is still considered the definitive work on what is one of America’s greatest motorsports accomplishments of the sixties.

On Any Sunday

by Bruce Brown

Follow American Motorcycle Association Championship contender Mert Lawwill as he drives his van full of Harleys to dirt and road courses across America seeking to again earn the AMA championship laurels.