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Vignale; Ferrari and all the others

by Alfredo Zanellato Vignale

From lowly mass transport to the most rarefied of super exotics, Vignale had a quite unusually prolific output. This book by the founder’s nephew is probably the first time a thoroughly researched overview has been published.

The Magnificent Monopostos: Alfa Romeo Grand Prix Cars 1923–1951

by Simon Moore

The third of three books about important prewar racing Alfas. Very thorough, very pricy, very much worth it. Even covers Alfa GP-engined powerboats.

Alfa Romeo Giulia Coupé: GT & GTA

by John Tipler

Lovely car, lovely book, neither of which exists in great numbers. This model is still relatively affordable and the book will give you a hundred reasons for wanting one.

Lancia Loraymo And the Loewy Logic of Industrial Design

by Brandes Elitch

From show car to scrap yard to glorious restoration this book unravels the history and mystery of the one-off that was Loewy’s rolling calling card at the 1960 Paris Motor Show to advertise his own brand.

Transatlantic Style | Stile Transatlantico

by Donald Osborne

A new exhibit is coming to the US and this is the catalog. It explores what is superficially thought of as a symbiotic relationship, for a time, in regards to design between two car cultures.

Rebel Rebel: Breadvan—The Most Recognizable Ferrari in the World

by Marc Sonnery & Keith Bluemel

For a car that’s going to be 50 years old in 2012—especially one as unusual as this one-off—it’s about time that someone finally devote a book to it!

A.T.S., The Italian Team That Challenged Ferrari

by Michael John Lazzari

Readers steeped in Ferrari history know about the “Palace revolt” of 1961. ATS is a direct result of that and a thorough account of this episode would be a worthy addition to the literature. This book could be it—if you speak Italian well enough to make sense of this English translation.

Maserati: The Evolution of Style

by Roberto Iasoni, Photos by Roberto Carrer

Forget the brand or that this is about a car: if you have an affinity for the storytelling power of images, you’ll like this book.

Lamborghini Supercars 50 Years

by Stuart Codling, photos James Mann

Yes, there still are new things to say about Lamborghini! If not new then better. Between the text and the photos, this is one fine book.

Dino – The V6 Ferrari

by Brian Long

For a few years now, the GT version of this late 1960s car is making everyone who once derided it as an inferior Ferrari look foolish and requires larger and larger checks to buy. If one is in your future, this book is a must.

De Tomaso, From Buenos Aires to Modena

by Daniele Pozzi

In every regard, de Tomaso had a full and complicated life, his exotic road cars were more practical and no less sexy than others but remained marginalized anyway, he was a wheeler-dealer in the best and the worst sense—this book sorts some of it out.

Alfa Romeo: View From the Mouth of the Dragon

by S. Scott Callan

A history of . . . well, many things, among them Alfa Romeo. But that’s almost the least noteworthy bit about this – – – let’s call it a book and get on with it.