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Sea to Shining Sea, Racing From the Wild West to Daytona

by Ken Clapp with Bones Bourcier

Predominantly known as NASCAR’s man on the West Coast, pioneering race promoter Clapp looks back to the days of yore, when it all got started and what it grew into.

Jim Crawford, Lessons in Courage

by Kevin Guthrie

A team boss of his once called him the bravest driver he ever knew. Also a wonderful human being. What, you never heard of the Scot who loved the Indy 500?? Here’s a book to fix that.

Boost! Roger Bailey’s Extraordinary Motor Racing Career

by Gordon Kirby

Bailey’s professional life spanned more than five decades and included such a variety of positions—mechanic, team boss, official, administrator—that you think you’re dealing with more than one person. No wonder his nickname was Boost!

Herbert Müller – “…alles zu langsam!”

by Födisch and Roßbach

If you followed racing in the hairy 1960–80 era you could not have failed to notice this Swiss driver. This biography is deep in the best sense. The reason it was written is to commemorate the saddest of occasions.

Formula 1: All The Races – The First 1000

by Roger Smith

That this book about 1000 races is limited to 1000 numbered copies is of course merely to be cute—but it is a crying shame. Bristling with data but eminently user-friendly it deserves much wider circulation!

Driven to Crime: True Stories of Wrongdoing in Motor Racing 

by Crispian Besley

Its cartoonish cover illustration notwithstanding, the book is clever—just ponder the double entendre in the main title—and, more importantly, well researched. From perps to victims of crime, you will be surprised at the cast of characters.

Rick Mears—Thanks: The Story of Rick Mears and the Mears Gang

by Gordon Kirby

Few drivers have won the Indy 500 four times. Mears has—and more than once did he get within reach of another win. He spent his entire 15-year career with one team, and remained there longer than that after his retirement. What makes him so unusual?

ROFGO Collection

by Doug Nye

That 917 on the cover hints at treasures. ROFGO was voted 2019 Heritage Collection of the Year, and this book showcases just some of the important Gulf Oil-sponsored race cars it contains.

The Michael Turner Collection

Over 50 Years of Motor-Sport Inspired Christmas Cards

by Chas Parker & Michael Turner

You don’t need to wait for Christmas to like these cards. They are a fabulous way to recall great moments in mostly F1 racing and also to marvel at Turner’s extraordinary eye and understanding of a scene.

Bonneville’s Women of Land Speed Racing

by “Landspeed” Louise Ann Noeth

Unlike other forms of motorsports, gender doesn’t seem to be an inherently restrictive factor on the salt. Over 200 women have stepped up to the starting line, and dozen of them have set records. Many more work the event behind the scenes, and then there are the engineers and builders.

Jacky Ickx: His Authorised Competition History

by Jon Saltinstall

The quiet and contemplative Belgian who thought he wanted to be a gardener discovered he was a versatile and successful racer on two and then four wheels. He contested over 570 races in a decades-spanning career, and here is a suitably big book for this big life.

Caesars Palace Grand Prix

by Randall Cannon

Las Vegas may be popular with gamblers but it wasn’t with racing drivers. The circuit was boring and flat as a parking lot, in fact it was a parking lot. And run counter-clockwise, and, oh, that heat. There is always talk of bringing racing back to Vegas—and this time without the Mob! The Mob?