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Jaguar E-Type Factory and Private Competition Cars

by Peter Griffiths

Wait, the sexy “crumpet-catcher” was a serious race car? Campaigned by regular people? To this day? Yes, yes, and yes. And finally there’s a book about all of them, not just the Lightweights!

Time Flies: The History of PacWest Racing

by John Oreovicz

At the height of the CART era, PacWest Racing threw their hat into the ring. Who better to tell that story than a former team member. Even he admits that the rapid rise was as much of a surprise to him as the slightly slower but still irreversible decline.

Fast on the Sand: The Daytona Beach Land Speed Record Runs of 1928

by Aldo Zana

Record attempts in the early days of the automobile were hairy enough but to race on a surface that changes at least twice a day—the tide—and with unpredictable wind and rain (and glare and mist and shells cutting tires) made it even more dangerous. 1928 cost one of the contenders his life, and it’s still unclear why.

Cobra Jet: The History of Ford’s Greatest High-Performance Muscle Cars

by Rob Kinnan & Diego Rosenberg

From its launch in 1968 to right now, Ford’s Cobra Jet has moved the needle and so does this fine book that separates the wheat from the chaff in a story that has been told too often for its own good.

MAX: The Dutch Master

by Andre Hoogeboom

Verstappen won the 2021 F1 World Championship and right away a book comes out. Coincidence? Yes, because it was started six years ago, a mere year after he had become the youngest driver to compete in F1.

Rick Mears—Thanks: The Story of Rick Mears and the Mears Gang

by Gordon Kirby

Few drivers have won the Indy 500 four times. Mears has—and more than once did he get within reach of another win. He spent his entire 15-year career with one team, and remained there longer than that after his retirement. What makes him so unusual?

Formula 1

by Peter Nygaard

A great book by a Danish photographer who is also an ardent student of the sport. Many hundreds of photos for absurdly little money. In a hardcover book with a rounded spine—are we living in the Matrix??

Ford GT40 Anthology

by John S. Allen and Graham Endeacott

Subtitled “A Unique Compilation of Stories” the book is exactly that. Even old hands will find new bits here; in fact, they’ll have to unlearn a few. What more could one want in a book!

Ferrari Formula 1 Car by Car: Every Race Car Since 1950

by Stuart Codling 

A handy and well-written quick-reference type of book that also includes many tables of race results. This is not meant to be a History of the Universe but specific to select cars.

Lola: The T70 and Can-Am Cars

by Gordon Jones

Go to a big-name vintage race and chances are you’ll see a T70 in action, one of the best-looking race cars of its time. Decades in the making, this book explains the success of the lithe British car with the brawny American motors.

Porsche Sport 2021

A year’s worth of racing on five continents. People and places you’ve probably not heard of. Cars you haven’t seen. A thousand photos. Race results. This yearbook has been around for 29 years now—about time we showcase one here!

The Brawn Story 

by Christopher Hilton

For Honda F1’s master strategist to be able to engineer a management buy-out after the team quit F1 was already a coup. But to then go on and win both the constructors’ and drivers’ championships on the first try was the stuff of dreams. This book looks at just that one season, 2009.