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Formula Helmet 1969–1999

by Bruno Bayol

A very different way to look at motorsports history. Helmets are about more than crash protection or being a billboard for sponsors. Plus, this is a spectacularly well-made and -designed book.

Legendary: The Porsche 919 Hybrid Project

by Heike Hintzsch

In 2011 Porsche returned to the World Endurance Championship and vowed to win Le Mans. They did. More than once. This is the story.

Crash! From Senna To Earnhardt

by Jonathan Ingram

Did auto racing’s first head and neck restraint save an entire sport? The short answer is no. The long answer is—this book. In the week after Earnhardt’s crash, HANS Performance Products took more orders for its device than in the previous 10 years.

A Race with Love and Death

by Richard Williams

A young English aristocrat won the 1938 German Grand Prix—as a works driver for Mercedes-Benz, selected by Hitler himself—and became a Nazi hero! There’s plenty of drama right there, and that’s not even scratching the surface.

500 On (The Indy) 500 

by Rick Shaffer

A neat little book to pick up every now and then, both to start and to win arguments! Looks at the entire Indy history up to 2020.

Tom Pryce: Memories of a Welsh F1 Star by Those Who Knew Him

by Darren Banks and Kevin Guthrie 

The Welsh Dragon was active in F1 only a few years and was thought to have the makings of a future world champion, and then a grotesquely bizarre chain of events claimed his life on the track. He was missed then, and as this book shows, is more so now.

Bonneville Salt Flats

by “Landspeed” Louise Ann Noeth

Each year between August and September, Bonneville Speedway is buzzing with activity as cars, trucks, and motorcycles go after land speed records or merely a bumpy, really fast joyride. But the surface is never the same twice, and the salt pan is getting thinner all the time.

The Dynamics of the Race Car

by Danny Nowlan

Theories, concepts, and equations explore the underpinnings of car handling and speed. The book also teaches how to analyze setup data and driver performance.

Lights Out, Full Throttle

by Johnny Herbert and Damon Hill

Reflections on pro racing by two guys who were there and who nowadays ply their trade as TV commentators. They have opinions, no surprise, and they are all over the place.

Don “The Snake” Prudhomme, My Life Beyond the 1320

by Don Prudhomme with Elana Scherr

There’s nothing funny about a Funny Car cracking 250 mph. Prudhomme was the first to do that, and a host of other things. After almost five decades in motorsports he’s got stories to tell, and not just about racing!

Chris Pook & The History of The Long Beach GP

by Gordon Kirby

The Long Beach GP is pretty much the template for modern-era professional racing on city streets. It had a 45-year run, curtailed only by Covid. This book by its promotor is as attention-holding and fast-paced a read as his life has been.

Tony Bettenhausen & Sons: An American Racing Family Album

by Gordon Kirby

In all walks of life one finds families in which several generations engage in the same activity. Over several decades and different series the Bettenhausens were almost uncommonly successful in auto racing but also paid an uncommonly heavy price in that only one of the four survived.