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The Fastest Woman on Wheels, The Life of Paula Murphy

by Erik Arneson

Skates–sailboat–horse: if it moves, let’s see if it can move faster. She came to motorsports only in her thirties and then almost by accident, but it stuck and she was good with anything she drove. But she almost missed this biography, dying just a few months later.

Maserati 450S: A Bazooka from Modena

by Walter Bäumer and Jean-François Blachette

Super expensive, hard to handle, engine power that overwhelmed the chassis, sexy Fantuzzi coachwork. Built to suit the upcoming racing regs it became obsolete a few years later when they changed. So few were made you may never see—or hear, a real treat—one.

We Were the Ramchargers: Inside Drag Racing’s Legendary Team, 2nd Ed.

by Dave Rockwell

Passionate auto engineers don’t leave their day jobs behind in their free time but few went as deep into pro motorsports as this bunch of Chrysler engineers. The author, a Ramcharger himself, interviewed more than 40 team members, competitors, and track operators.

Happy Lucky Days – My Life in Racing 

by Bob Evans

Racing in the the glory days of F5000, Evans showed plenty of talent but as his entertaining and candid autobiography shows, scoring points and wins has a lot to do with factors outside a driver’s control.

Ed Pink, The Old Master

by Ed Pink with Bones Bourcier

There was a time, before crew chiefs, when engine builders were as famous as the star drivers because they saw to every aspect of a car’s performance. Having built thousands of engines, at 92, Pink has finally called it quits.

Speed Queens, A Secret History of Women in Motorsports

by Rachel Harris-Gardiner

For almost ten years the author has run the Speedqueens blog, and it contains a lot of material. She has a plethora of stories to
tell, and while she crams too much information into this debut book, it also offers her and others great opportunities for further exploration.

Ferrari 1960–1965: The Hallowed Years

by William Huon

A great book made greater by Bernard Cahier photos throughout, remarkably well printed. It is hard not to look at the candid photos of so many drivers and not have a sense of gloom—these were tragic years in regards to safety.

Thousand Mile Trial 1900

by Elizabeth Bennett

Imagine a time when the car was new, few people had seen let alone experienced one, and even the talking heads did not seriously expect it “to take.” What the world needed was proof of the motorcar’s effectiveness and resilience: 1000 miles through England and Scotland outta do it.

The Master Driver of the World, The 1914 Cactus Derby

by Mark G. Dill

Only five of twenty starters finished this last running of the Los Angeles—Phoenix race and were lauded as “Motormen of Speed,” with the winner crowned “Master Driver of the World.” That was Barney Oldfield, he of the wild antics and colorful reputation.

Alwin Springer – Racing With Porsche in North America

by Alwin Springer with Wilfried Müller

From his days as journeyman mechanic to cofounding a legendary Porsche tuning company to working for Porsche directly, Springer has led Porsche to many of its most significant milestones in North America. He may be retired but he’s not done!

Bentley Speed 8: The Comprehensive Story of Bentley’s Last Le Mans Winner 

by Andrew Cotton

That the 2001–03 Bentley EXP Speed 8 is considered the most beautifully designed sports racer of the modern era is just one of its attributes. This award-winning book benefited from full access to the archives and features primary sources and excellent photography.

100 Years of Legends, The Official Celebration of the Le Mans 24 Hours 

by Bernard, Davoine, Holtz & Holtz

This book includes the actual centenary race of 2023 which was totally worth waiting for. Brimming with photos and infographics, the amount of detail will make your head spin. In a good way.