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centuryonwheelsThis pair of books exemplifes another contribution museums can make to society beyond housing, preserving, interpreting and displaying historic artifacts. A museum can publish if it is fortunate to have a staff member with the interest, motivation, and writing ability and, of course, that all-important funding to pay the costs of printing.

Last DanceStudebaker’s Last Dance, The Avanti was doubly fortunate in that it had two individuals and two institutions—Frederic Sharf of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston and Andrew Beckman of the Studebaker National Museum—collaborating on its creation. The finished book released just weeks before members of the Avanti Owners Association International and SDC gathered in South Bend for their annual national meets.

Admittedly, for the already knowledgeable, there is no brand-new revelation in this particular Avanti history. But it is illustrated with the finest images, some not previously published, from the museum’s archives. And the print quality is excellent which also holds true for a prior Beckman-authored book you should know about as well. That book is titled The Studebaker National Museum . . . Over a Century on Wheels.

It is the original images in each book—sourced from museum archives, then carefully authenticated, documented, and captioned by its trained archivist—that make each volume worthy of inclusion in your library. As each book provides an excellent, comprehensive overview of its subject, taken together or separately, they give clear perspective to events, from beginning to end.

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Adapted from its first publication in Avanti Magazine, the quarterly publication of the Avanti Owners Association International.


Studebaker’s Last Dance, The Avanti
by Andrew Beckman
MFA/Sharf in conjunction w/ Studebaker National Museum, 2012
64 pages, 43 color illustrations, hardcover
List Price: $24.95
ISBN: 978-0-939573-2-4


The Studebaker National Museum . . . Over a Century on Wheels
by Andrew Beckman
M.T. Publishing Company, Inc, 2008,
160 pages, 201 b/w & 169 color illustrations, hardcover
List Price: $42.50
ISBN 13: 978-1-934729-02-1

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