City of Speed: Los Angeles and the Rise of American Racing


by Joe Scalzo

Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but fact and the correct application thereof is not. The subject matter makes sense, the author is known. All should be well. This 2007 book was lauded by everyone; we beg to differ.

Chrysler 300: America’s Most Powerful Car


by Robert Ackerson

The “banker’s hot rod” was not an ordinary car. The 300 has a deservedly proud history, which is why Chrysler keeps bringing the nameplate back. To learn how it all started check out this book.

Pontiac Concept & Show Cars


by Don Keefe

Pontiac was once an important test bed for new ideas and this book by an expert’s expert covers almost 70 years of concept cars and traces their influence on production models.

Mercedes-Benz WINNING! 120 Years on the World’s Greatest Race Tracks and in India


by Adil Jal Darukhanawala

A high-level overview of M-B’s global racing history and, probably for the first time in the West, an account of the marque’s passenger and commercial cars in India

U.S. Army Aircraft (Heavier-Than-Air) 1908–1946


by James C. Fahey

A 70-year-old booklet that once cost all of $1 and is still relevant today catalogs US Army airplanes from the earliest contraptions to the postwar jets.

Thus Spake David E.


by David E. Davis

An acquired taste, and best to consume the bombast in small doses. Still, a distinctive and colourful voice that immeasurably enriched automotive journalism.

A.T.S., The Italian Team That Challenged Ferrari


by Michael John Lazzari

Readers steeped in Ferrari history know about the “Palace revolt” of 1961. ATS is a direct result of that and a thorough account of this episode would be a worthy addition to the literature. This book could be it—if you speak Italian well enough to make sense of this English translation.

Street Muses of London


by Davide Bassoli

If you like to see London change over three decades, this is a splendid book. If you like to see its streets teeming with Rolls-Royces and Bentleys old and new, this is the only book. Almost 1000 photos tell the story.

Brian Redman – Daring Drivers, Deadly Tracks


by Brian Redman, Jim Mullen

A really good biography of a great racer and a hugely decent man who survived his pro years—often barely—with enough good cheer to retire at age 52 and still remain active in historic racing.

The Put-in-Bay Road Races, 1952–1963

Put-in-Bay Road Races

by Carl Goodwin

For eight years now vintage sports car drivers have congregated here for reunions celebrating what is now called “the island’s rich road racing history”—but that in period barely made the news. This book unravels the history.

Armed with Abundance

Armed with Abundance

by Meredith H. Lair

Not every soldier serves in the trenches. In fact, 9 out of 10 are in the rear echelons, away from the fight—and often near to entertainment and recreation. What do they do in their downtime? This book about the non-combat experiences of U.S. soldiers offers civilians a quite unexpected perspective.

Memories Of The Moon Age


by Lukas Feireiss

The book is small enough to slip into your coat pocket but deals with big ideas about our celestial neighbor and also life and the meaning thereof right here on terra firma. From the ancients to modern pop culture, everyone has something to say about the Moon.