Citroën 1919–1949: La Belle Epoque

Citroen 1919

by Wouter Jansen

Even if you have no specific interest in Citroëns, this book is so beautifully made and so richly illustrated you’ll want it just for the pleasure of knowing you can have a peek anytime you want to!

The Aircraft-Spotter’s Film and Television Companion


by Simon D. Beck

An indispensable companion when you watch a movie and wonder “What was that??” The book tells you that, and more: who flew it, who built it, where is it, was it real?

Cruise O Matic: Automobile Advertising of the 1950s


by Yasutoshi Ikuta

Relive an exuberant period in American auto history through ads that are as flamboyant as the cars.

Lancaster: Reaping the Whirlwind

Lancaster Reaping

by Martin A. Bowman

A close-up look at operating the mighty World War II bomber during the war and then on relief missions in the immediate aftermath.

How To Listen To Jazz

how to listen

by Ted Gioia

Think of this book as akin to attending a graduate course in jazz appreciation. Because this book covers the subject in more than a cursory, introductory manner, we hesitate to use the cliché “Jazz 101.” Think of this book as a syllabus and find out how to “register for class.”

Bugatti; The Man and The Marque

Bugatti; The Man

by Jonathan Wood

Reprinted several times, this book raised the bar when it first came out 25 years ago and it’s still a, if not the, definitive book on the marque.

Legendary Corvettes: ’Vettes Made Famous on Track and Screen


by Randy Leffingwell

Only a handful of GM model names have lived longer—the Suburban (1935) and De Ville (1949) come to mind. The Corvette crossed the million-car threshold way back in 1993 and, with few exceptions, each new iteration adds to the luster of the name.

The Rolls-Royce Armoured Car: Its Substance and Its Place in History

Armored Barrass

edited by Eliot Levin

Lawrence of Arabia famously called Rolls-Royce’s armored cars
“more precious than rubies” because they were so reliable This small book tells their grand story.

Keep Watching The Skies, American Science Fiction Movies of the Fifties

watching skies

by Bill Warren

Warren’s book will absolutely answer any question you might have concerning vintage Sci-Fi cinema, along with many, many things you would not even think to ask. That this book is inclusive is the understatement of the past, the present—and the FUTURE!

Mille Miglia 1957: Last Act in a Legendary Race

Mille Miglia 1957 Act

by Carlo Dolcini

That fateful, tragic race in which de Portago and his co-driver drove to their deaths. Knowingly, if you follow the author’s way of presenting it. The chain of events that led to it is told here in the context of all the teams and their playbooks.

Bugatti: Le Pur-Sang des Automobiles

Bugatti Le Pur-Sang

by H.G. Conway

A landmark book, not just for the marque but in the genre of automotive histories. In the 50 years since its original publication it has lost none of its luster and is, thankfully, still easily available in any of its several editions.

Flying Boats of the Empire: The Rise and Fall of the Ships of the Sky

Flying Boats of Empire

by Richard Knott

To make the far-flung corners of their empire accessible, the British built a flying boat called—Empire. A fleet of over 40 plied the skies for a decade, until something new and better took its place.