British Armoured Car Operations In World War One


by Bryan Perrett

WW I was the first conflict to see widespread use of mechanization, a threshold hybrid stage where horse, camel, and mule fought alongside car, tank, and airplane. All except the latter are discussed here.

Schlegelmilch Sportscar Racing 1962–1973


by David Tremayne

An important photographer, an important period, expect to be entertained and delighted and moved the way only images can do.

X-Planes of Europe II: Military Prototype Aircraft from the Golden Age 1947–1974


by Tony Buttler

The title is clear enough—except that it doesn’t tell you it’s about fighters and bombers. And even at that, it is quite selective but it is bristling with important facts and many rare photos.

Watching the Wheels, My Autobiography


by Damon Hill

A candid and intense look at a life that became complicated way before the author took up racing and became world champion.

Cunningham: The Passion, The Cars, The Legacy


by Richard Harman

A massive book about the iconic American sportsman whose middle name, Swift, foreshadowed exactly what his life would be all about: going fast, on land and sea and in general.

The Amazing Life of John Cooper Fitch


by Art Evans

“Amazing” doesn’t even begin to exhaust the fullness of the man whose obit described him as “bathed in golden sunlight.” Pilot, racer, sailor, inventor, family man, holder of a speed record—for driving backward.

The Dylanologists, Adventures in the Land of Bob


by David Kinney

Now that Bob Dylan has won the Nobel Prize for Literature, the fans and enthusiasts portrayed in this book, many of them obsessive, are vindicated. David Kinney describes these folks with respect and sympathy.

Mercedes-Benz – The Grand Cabrios & Coupés


by René Staud (photos), Jürgen Lewandowski (text)

Who needs coupés and cabrios is what this book asks. Unless the answer is self-evident in these photos you’ll have to come up with your own.

Once In a Great City, A Detroit Story


by David Maraniss

Greatness comes before the fall, and Detroit was once great. You’ll wish you’d had the chance to experience it yourself but until it becomes great again, this book will have to suffice.

Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow/Bentley T-Series, Camargue & Corniche


by Malcolm Bobbitt

This 4th edition of a cornerstone of any decent Rolls-Royce/Bentley library is significantly revised and enlarged, not least because its release coincides with the model’s 60th anniversary.

Price Guide For The Beatles American Records


by Perry Cox and Frank Daniels

John Lennon, 1966: “We’re more popular than Jesus now; I don’t know which will go first—rock ‘n’ roll or Christianity.” Fifty years later and considering the scope of this book, it just might go either way. Even if you don’t collect/trade Beatles records, you can still enjoy the book.

When Rolls and Royce Made History on Dover’s White Cliffs

when rolls and royce

by Paul Tritton

This small book adds useful detail to a lesser-known chapter of the history of not only the two cofounders of Rolls-Royce but two other important men in the firm’s, and Britain’s history.