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Sprint Car Salvation

by Dave Argabright 

The subtitle of this fast-moving novel by a highly respected and talented racing journalist is “A Jimmy Wilson racing adventure” and an adventure is just what it is!

Eat Free or Die

by Kevin Clemens

Written by a bona fide, real-life, practicing, authentic, credential-carrying automotive journalist, this is a wild ride (that was just too easy!) of a novel which I read as a sort of slightly less-complicated, car-centricDaVinci Code. This fast-moving, turbocharged whodunit features the adventures of a super hot-shot automotive journo from a super hot-shot automotive magazine.

Mickey Thompson: The Last Racing Maniac

by Scribbler Joe (Scalzo)

I read this book with the absolute wish that every single solitary, bar none, motherlover listed in it could be looking over my shoulder reading right along with me; or even better still be listening to the author frantically reading the book aloud to all of us huddled in some musty Babbitville coffee enclave at 4:30 on a cold, rainy Wednesday afternoon.