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MotorBinder: Classic Photographs from the Golden Age of Motor Racing

by Roy Spencer

Not just another catch-all generic photo book! This is a story, told in period photos, of mostly west coast racing seen from the perspective of someone who participated fielding his own cars and for-hire drivers.

N.A.R.T.: A Concise History of the North American Racing Team 1957 to 1983

by Terry O’Neil

While usually mentioned in connection with Ferrari, NART campaigned other marques as well, all the way up to F1. What do they have to show for four decades of toil and trouble?

Where the Writer Meets the Road

by Sam Posey

Among this race driver’s trophies is an Emmy for sports writing and this anthology is a good testament to Posey’s abilities behind the pen. Now in his seventies, he’s been around, literally and figuratively.

Grand Prix Ferrari: The Years of Enzo Ferrari’s Power, 1948–1980

by Anthony Pritchard

Not to be confused with an earlier book of the same title and by the same author, this posthumously published tome is an entirely revamped take on a subject that, if anything, has become more complex since then.