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Adventures in Ferrari Land

by Edwin K. Niles

Was there really a time when used Ferraris were (relatively) cheap enough that even young people could afford them, use them as daily drivers, even race them without qualms? Yes! And Niles was the enabler—thanks to him so many Ferraris found their way to SoCal that they were easier to find there than in Italy.

Ferrari Formula 1 Car by Car: Every Race Car Since 1950

by Stuart Codling 

A handy and well-written quick-reference type of book that also includes many tables of race results. This is not meant to be a History of the Universe but specific to select cars.

Lamborghini Countach

by T. Pathmanathan & A.C. Reck

The author has owned his Countach for over 20 years now. He knows the good and the bad and in this book puts it all into context. From company history to supercar philosophy to maintenance to driving tips it’s all here.

The Ferrari Book: Passion for Design 

by Jürgen Lewandowski

Is there such a thing as too many Ferraris? Or too many Ferrari books? Nah. But this 10-pounder has challenges beyond its mere heft. Those Michael Zumbrunn photos, though. Bellisima.

GTO/64: The Story of Ferrari’s 250GTO/64

by Doug Nye

The most in-depth story of the seven Grand Tourer Berlinettas that constitute the final year of production. From evolution/design to period racing to thorough details about subsequent owners and activities. And, yes, there ARE new details and new photos!

Breadvan – A Ferrari To Beat The GTO

by Richard Heseltine

The car that beat the GTO was itself a GTO, and Enzo F. sure did not like the upstart, or the renegade team owner that once had been his very good customer, or the treacherous engineers who threw their lot in with him. It’s complicated.

312 P: One of Ferrari’s Most Beautiful Racers

by Gianni Agnesa

Enzo Ferrari, that arch proponent of “function over form,” is said to have made one exception: the 312 P. It may only be an anecdote but what facts are known about this car are in this book, along with fantastic period photos.

Maserati A6G 2000: Frua, Pininfarina, Vignale, and Allemano

by Walter Bäumer

Chassis histories of 53 cars, compiled by an author whose auto consultancy has brokered several of them. Plenty of period photos—but the asking prices in the period ads will make you weep.

Alfa Romeo Tipo 105 RHD

by Patrick Dasse

Righthand-drive cars involve more than simply sticking the steering wheel on the other side of the cockpit. A whole lot of other engineering has to happen, much of which not visible. Until now.

Sharknose V6 – Ferrari 156, Ferrari 246SP & Ferrari 196SP

by Jörg-Thomas Födisch, Rainer Rossbach

The 1960s are an era rich in motorsports glory and drama. Before the Ford-Ferrari wars became a thing it was Lotus and BRM that showed Ferrari up. Lots of photos, many unpublished before, and a context-rich story distinguish this book.

Alfa Romeo Berlina

by Patrick Dasse

In terms of size, creature comforts, and road manners this four-door saloon has an utterly European character. Americans never did quite get it. From prototype to plain vanilla production cars to Specials, this book uses period photos to tell its story.

Alfa Romeo Aerospider

by Georg Gebhard

From Europe to Australia, since around 2010 there’s not a concours of note where this one-off Alfa has not been on display, making up for the decades it languished in obscurity. This book doesn’t answer all the questions but it’s all there is.