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Le Mans: The Bentley and Alfa Years 1923–1939

by R.M. Clarke & A.D. Clausager

Hundreds of magazine and newspaper articles capture the early Le Mans exploits of two storied marques. They are written in gripping prose for an audience that didn’t know TV or often even radio.

Original MGA

The Restorer’s Guide to all Roadsters and Coupé Models Including Twin Cam

by Anders Ditlev Clausager

The 1955–62 MGA is not at all an uncommon sight on today’s roads. Strong mechanicals, easy parts availability, decent top speed, and good looks account for this model’s desirability. Add to that healthy auction prices and you have a car you’ll want to keep at or restore to the top of its game.

Original MGB With MGC and MGB GT V8: The Restorer’s Guide to all Roadsters and GT Models 1962–80

by Anders Ditlev Clausager

The MGB is the successor to the MGA about which Clausager wrote a similar book. More than 500,000 of this all-time best-selling British sports car were built over an 18-year span. If you want to make yours as original as the factory intended, you need this book.

Original Austin-Healey: The Restorer’s Guide to 100, 100-Six and 3000

by Anders Ditlev Clausager

The appeal of the 1953–1968 Big Healeys may be timeless but their innards are not. Naturally, not everything that has perished has been replaced with the correct parts or proper finishes, and the information in this book will provide the restorer and potential buyer with a definitive catalog of the way things should be.

Original Mini Cooper: The Restorer’s Guide to 997 & 998 Cooper and 970, 1071 & 1275 Cooper S

by John Parnell

As quintessentially British as the Rolls-Royce the Mini occupied the very other end of the sociological spectrum. Despite of this the Mini was, as UK designer Terence Conran called it, “a classy little classless car.”