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The Porsche 911 Targa Florio Photo Book

by Barbato & Marino

First held in 1906 the Targa Florio in Sicily became legendary for its hardships and danger. No other marque won there more times than Porsche and the top drivers of the day came to test their mettle. This book tells you nothing about the event—but none of the photos have been published before.

AMG 45: The Story – The Cars

by Clauspeter Becker et al

If all you know about AMG is from current road tests, prepare to be surprised. And don’t call them a tuner! From the “Red Sow” that made them famous to the newest E-Cell, this book shows 45 years of pretty impressive machinery.

Porsche 911 60 Years

by Randy Leffingwell

The 911 world never stands still, even if—to the uninitiated—it may well look that way. There is a reason this model has such staying power, and this fine book will help you appreciate it.

Alwin Springer – Racing With Porsche in North America

by Alwin Springer with Wilfried Müller

From his days as journeyman mechanic to cofounding a legendary Porsche tuning company to working for Porsche directly, Springer has led Porsche to many of its most significant milestones in North America. He may be retired but he’s not done!

Volkswagen Type 4: 411 and 412

by Marc Cranswick

This car was definitely an answer to a question people were asking, and it showed VW could punch way above the Beetle class—but it didn’t set the world on fire, not even in its home market. It’s a bigger story than this book can unravel, but it’s the first and only one in English.

Porsche Boxster and Cayman, The 981 series 2012 to 2016

by Brian Long

Having covered this model since it first launched Long could not very well sit this version out. Besides, the 981 cars have especially much going in terms of features, refinement, and reliability—and so does this book.

Norbert Singer – My Racing Life with Porsche 1970–2004

by Norbert Singer & Wilfried Müller

He almost became a rocket scientist. He almost went to Opel instead of Porsche. His very first assignment helped win Le Mans at a crucial time. No looking back now—his entire career was spent at Porsche, which would go on to win 16 overall race victories with cars in which he played a key role.

Porsche Werks Team

by Frank Kayser and Heike Hientzsch

Try doing any job for 24 hours straight, even as part of a supportive team, and you know the toll it takes. Basically a photo essay, this book offers many unusual, clever, inspiring visuals to capture the mood.

Racing the Silver Arrows

by Chris Nixon

Two German teams dominated Grand Prix racing because of their technical superiority made possible by enormous government investment into the racing programs but also the companies overall because of their military value.

Forty Six: The Birth of Porsche Motorsport

by Bill Wagenblatt (Editor)

Right in time for the 100th anniversary of the race at which this car won its class as Porsche’s first postwar works entry this book tells its colorful story in forensic detail. How the provenance of the car was proven is amazing, and it raises the bar for “doing right” by historically important vehicles.

Porsche 356 75th Anniversary 

by Gordon Maltby

It took a while to get noticed by the masses but from its start in 1948 this Porsche combined attributes that would set it apart from others and make it a lasting success and the cornerstone of a company philosophy.

My Porsche Book: Die 356-Ikonen / The Iconic 356s

by René Staud

It’s the photographer as much as the car that is the attraction here, not least because Staud’s career path, philosophy on art/commerce, and his studio and team are covered.