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Porsche Sport 2021

A year’s worth of racing on five continents. People and places you’ve probably not heard of. Cars you haven’t seen. A thousand photos. Race results. This yearbook has been around for 29 years now—about time we showcase one here!

Volkswagen Type 4: 411 and 412

by Marc Cranswick

This car was definitely an answer to a question people were asking, and it showed VW could punch way above the Beetle class—but it didn’t set the world on fire, not even in its home market. It’s a bigger story than this book can unravel, but it’s the first and only one in English.

Mercedes-AMG 10 Years Customer Racing, A Success Story

by Christian Geib

Clear the decks—this mammoth book is 15″ tall! And it’s chock-full of useful info about what one might (mis)take for a niche subject. If you ever wondered how automakers and privateers work together, look no further.

Cars & Curves, Vol. 2 

by Stefan Bogner and Ben Winter

Isn’t that a great cover photo? This book is full of them. If you own a Porsche, you must like to drive—don’t let winter stop you!

911 GT2, 1995–1998

by Christoph Mäder and Jan Koum

It was the most powerful and expensive Porsche had built to that date. Only a few hundred were made. Have you ever even seen one (not counting scale models)? If you don’t hurry, you may not even ever see one of these superlative, limited-edition books!

BMW i: Visionary Mobility

by Andreas Braun 

A year before this book came out, BMW i became the “official mobility partner” of the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. Music and Arts?? Well, BMW wants to win hearts and minds—the future isn’t here yet, its shape not yet locked in, and it involves a whole lot more than dreaming up sleek cars.

Volkswagen Beetles and Buses, Smaller and Smarter  

by Russell Hayes

Big round anniversaries are often accompanied by book releases, and this is one such. These models remain ever popular, and while there are plenty of books about them, this one is witty and surprisingly wide-ranging for its small size.

Faster, Higher, Farther: The Inside Story of the Volkswagen Scandal

by Jack Ewing

When VW became the world’s largest automaker, in 2015, it seemed entirely plausible that such a large automotive group should have the chops. Except . . . they cheated to get there. What went wrong in the hearts and minds of executives? And just how did a handful of US researchers cotton on to the rigged emissions data and ring the alarm?

Porsche 904

by Jürgen Lewandowski and Stefan Bogner

Produced for just two short years, the 904 broke new ground, did its job very well, and looked supremely good. This book is an homage in mostly pictures and it too does its job very well and looks supremely good.

Porsche Unseen: Design Studies

by Jan Karl Baedeker & Stefan Bogner

You’d have to be quite the Porsche geek to have known, let alone seen, any of the cars shown here. There are many more where these came from and one can only speculate why Porsche allowed these 15 to be made public.

Porsche Home

Thinking of owning a Porsche? Need some persuasion? Or inspiration? Take a look at what these folks have to say about their Porsches. They’re from all over the planet and all walks of life but you’ll definitely have heard some of these names!

Porsche 356: Made by Reutter

by Frank Jung

For the first time ever a book reproduces some of the correspondence between the two firms, illustrating not just business details but the dynamics. Also, excerpts from oral histories accompany hundreds of photos from the shop floor.