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What’s a Tailfin, Daddy? Hunter and Brook Shop for a New Car with Dad

by Allen B. Simons

The story revolves around a five- and seven-year old sister and brother. One Saturday they accompany their dad on an afternoon visit to several new car dealerships. Their mission is helping him shop for a replacement for the family car.

How to Build a Car: A high-speed adventure of mechanics, teamwork, and friendship

by Lacey & Sodomka

Have you heard the one about a mouse, a frog, and a bird building a car? Not a joke, this charming book for inquisitive young minds explains how a car works—and how you can’t, really, build one on your own.

The Vault of Horror

by Craig, Davis, Feldstein et al.

There are fans, historians, and academics who take comic books quite seriously. EC titles, especially from the early 1950s, have a long-standing, proliferating reputation for excellence among all of these. We take a look at a representative sample of available EC reprints as we toss our hats of commendation and recommendation into the ring.

Hot Rod

by Henry Gregor Felsen

Hank Felson didn’t write only car books but this one, part of a rodding series, was his best seller: eight million copies over the years. See why.

Clive’s USA Road Trip

by David James Smitheram

Dave and Clive went on a trip . . . Dave being a British motorsports figure and Clive the Little Red Corvette he bought in California. Dave even went there to collect it in person which of course spells road trip. His little son was too small to go along so dad wrote him this book.

The Racers 

by Neal Bascomb

It’s not often that a book receives a special do-over to suit the interests of a specific market. Here, an adult book has been reconfigured for young adults, loosing nothing in the transition while gaining more photos!

Classic Fighters Colouring Book

by Dariusz Grzywacz

Leaving aside the question of whether children should be coloring warplanes, this book offers 3-views and outlines of 15 aircraft, along with brief specs and a few words as to their purpose. There are worse ways to spend $5.50 . . .

Catwoman, The Life and Times of a Feline Fatale

by Suzan Colón

A fun pictorial tribute. If this book were about The Batman, it’d be called sexist. Can good graphic design trump mediocre content? Don’t reject this book out of hand—but don’t break the kitty for it either.

ARCADE Toys Catalog

Arcade Manufacturing was incorporated in 1885 and produced high-quality cast iron coffee mills, spring hinges, cork extractors, and stove dampers.  But its cast iron toys made them famous.

Rolls Royce

by Julie Wilson

A small book for young folks offers a simple/simplistic look at an iconic carmaker.

The Ultimate Car Sticker Book

Start your youngsters off the right way: car stickers for ages 5 and up. And up. And up. C’mon, who doesn’t want car stickers??

The Little Auto

by Lois Lenski

Meet cheery Mr. Small, proud owner of shiny red sporting car, and see how the children of 1934 were introduced to the world of motoring.