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The Little Auto

by Lois Lenski

Meet cheery Mr. Small, proud owner of shiny red sporting car, and see how the children of 1934 were introduced to the world of motoring.

Street Rod

by Henry Gregor Felsen

Boy builds car, wins trophy, loses car. In print continuously since 1953, this novel just doesn’t seem to lose its appeal.

Three to Go Mario!

by Andy Evans

In this book Andy recalls a memory from his youth. He was 12 when his father took him to watch Mario Andretti compete in the 1977 Grand Prix that was run over the course laid out on the streets of Long Beach, California.

Sidecar Scooter

by Bruce Caldwell

Scooter has an adventurous life and his story fills the pages of this delightful book. Caldwell turned a (mostly) true story into a tale of tails and Charlie O Hayward created just-for-this-book full-color, full-of-personality artwork to illustrate it.

The Red Car

by Don Stanford

The red car is a wrecked 1948 MG TC roadster that Stanford’s main character, sixteen year-old Happy “Hap” Adams, is seeing for the first time and wants to bring back to life.

Two Books for Youths by Bruce Carter

by Bruce Carter

Illustrated by Raymond Briggs these two beautifully made books tell the story of one exciting event selected from the racing life of each man in a suspenseful way that keeps the reader, regardless of age, turning the pages.

The Alphabet and The Automobile

by Murray L Smith, illustrations by Charles W Queener

Typically A-B-C books are for little kids. It is obvious at first glance, however, that this one wasn’t intended for those lively little minds with short attention spans. Those kiddos are captivated by A is for aardvark and a Blue Train for B is likely to elicit a squeal of “Oh, show me Thomas the Tank!