• Loved the Ritchie Ginter review! Is that Cleo Von Neuman with him in the first photo under the title? I was a close friend of Cleo And John Von Neuman. I met Ritchie in their Palm Springs home and went riding dirt bikes with them in the desert. The Von Neumans, Ritchie and I went to the Grand Prix in Monaco and it was the most thrilling event I ever experienced. We spoke for a while with Nikki Lauda and I had the time of my life. Ritchie was a very warm, kind and intelligent man.
    If you have Cleo Von Neuman’s email or telephone number, would you please be so kind as to tell her I have been looking for her and give her my email address and phone number. Thank you for featuring Ritchie in your article. He was a very special and talented man.

    Comment | Denise Gudell , March 15, 2023
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