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The Ferrari Place

by Jim Hunter

The unlikely story of a couple of youngish Ferrari owners in the 1970s venturing into the spare parts world to satisfy their own requirements only to recognize a wide unmet need and growing a multi-faceted business around it.

The Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Book

by René Staud & Jürgen Lewandowski

Examples from all series of SLs, almost 70 years worth, as German photographer René Staud sees them. And he’s seen many, probably 500, and photographing SLs has been one constant in his decades-long career.

Moretti—Motociclette, automobili, carrozzerie

by Alessandro Sannia

Most people only know Moretti beer—no connection to the coachbuilder and constructor of all sorts of interesting mechanical things. This is the first complete history.

The Soul of a Modified, Lenny Boehler’s Ole Blue

by Lew Boyd

How did a souped-up old junker built on a shoestring in a converted chicken coop garage spawn a racing dynasty and attract serious drivers? It’s the stuff of legend. And the author would know, because he was there.

Early Kustom Kulture: Kustom Cars and Hot Rods Photographed by George Barris 

by Brett Barris

Hundreds of photos of cars, and a few motorcycles, that caught Barris’ eye as he roamed the streets. See what he saw, and wonder how it influenced his work.

Secret Fords, Volume Two

by Steve Saxty

You don’t have to be a car snob to think FoMoCo has nothing important to say or show. This book moves the needle in a big way and also offers a look into the high-stakes, unseen world of car designers and product planners.

Passion for Cars, The Unique Collection of Thierry Dehaeck

by Thierry Dehaeck & David Hawtin

Fifty cars from a Belgian collection whose owner knows what he wants and, more importantly, why. His cars have to have “a story” and that’s what this book is about.

Ed Swart – From Zandvoort to Daytona

by Ed Swart with Johnnie Tipler

Racing driver, team owner, clerk of the course, race-club founder . . . is there anything motorsports-related that Ed Swart has not done? A 200-page book seems hardly enough to cover it all.

The Private Library

by Reid Byers

An indulgence for some and a necessity for others, the private library—its purpose, function, and history—deserve deep thought. Oddly, little of substance has been written about it. After this book, no one else needs to bother trying.

A Complete History of U.S. Combat Aircraft Fly-Off Competitions

by Erik Simonsen

How do military aircraft make the cut to be selected for active duty? And the ones that didn’t, what would they have looked like if they had made it into service? On the latter score, this book is a winner.

Lamborghini: Where Why Who When What

by Antonio Ghini

If the Almighty Interweb is any indicator, Lamborghini has way more followers than you could possibly expect. But why? This book is not concerned with finding answers to that, it just presents a solid and well put-together primer.

Full Circle: A Hands-On Affair with the First Ferrari 250 GTO

by Larry Perkins & Petra Perkins

Not a scholarly treatise on a legendary car but a snapshot-style memoir of half a century of crossing paths with the first 250 GTO.