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Porsche Unseen: Design Studies

by Jan Karl Baedeker & Stefan Bogner

You’d have to be quite the Porsche geek to have known, let alone seen, any of the cars shown here. There are many more where these came from and one can only speculate why Porsche allowed these 15 to be made public.

The Scooter Bible: The Ultimate History and Encyclopedia

by Eric Dregni

Scooters are funny” says the author. So is this book, written by a card-carrying academic. The period ads alone are a hoot. If you never had a scooter, well, they never go out of style and especially today electric models are the thing to have.

Herbert Müller – “…alles zu langsam!”

by Födisch and Roßbach

If you followed racing in the hairy 1960–80 era you could not have failed to notice this Swiss driver. This biography is deep in the best sense. The reason it was written is to commemorate the saddest of occasions.

Vintage Campers, Trailers & Teardrops

by Patrick R. Foster

Can’t tell a tin can from a canned ham? Just what is a fifth-wheel? More importantly, is camping fun?? This fun book tells you all that and more.

Queen of the Skies: The Lockheed Constellation

by Claude G. Luisada

Even almost a decade after its publication, this book still matters—and it comes with a Lockheed Manual on CD that you’d rarely find even at auction.


by Paolo Tumminelli (editor)

Having been closely associated for half a century, Alpina and BMW are almost synonymous. This book is a lighthearted but entirely substantive look at what really puts the “ultimate” into The Ultimate Driving Machine.

Lockheed Constellation: A History

by Graham M. Simons

The dolphin-shaped fuselage looked like no other. The triple tail made it instantly recognizable. It remained useful decades after jet airliners pushed it out of mainline service. There should be piles of books about it—but there aren’t. This is a good one.

Formula 1: All The Races – The First 1000

by Roger Smith

That this book about 1000 races is limited to 1000 numbered copies is of course merely to be cute—but it is a crying shame. Bristling with data but eminently user-friendly it deserves much wider circulation!

Abarth: Racing Cars – Collection 1949–1974

by Franz Steinbacher

This is a look at a highly curated Swiss collection of mostly racing Abarths, and in telling their story the book also gives a good idea of what made the cars and the company so special.

Balloons and Airships: A Tale of Lighter Than Air Aviation

by Anthony Burton

What huge advantage does an LTA craft have still today? Range. This old story has a future, and every now and then a new book comes along to bring us current.

The Royal Navy in Action, Art from Dreadnought to Vengeance

by John Fairley

Warships in action are something fierce to behold, and even paintings reproduced at a size so much smaller than the often majestic originals stir the soul. Throw in some well crafted prose and you have a book you won’t want to put down.

Sunbeam Aero Engines

by Alec Brew

Within the arc from tinplate working to land speed record cars fall many interim steps, and this small book gives a thorough account of how Sunbeam got into the aero engine business and how that spilled over into record cars.