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Henri Chapron

by Dominique Pagneux 

While always current in terms of popular taste, Chapron’s designs were not flashy or avant-garde but sober and of restrained elegance. During the peak years of 1928–31 their output reached a lofty 500 cars a year.

The Automobile Yearbook 2011/12

by Serge Bellu (Editor)

Published since 1953, this yearbook wraps up everything automobile-related that made the news in the preceding year. Traditionally, the book covers three main aspects of the automobile: industry, motorsport and culture.

Gotha de l’Automobile Française

by Claude Rouxel and Laurent Friry

To cut a long story short, this is THE book to have on French car manufacturers if you have an interest in the upper crust cars of the Twentieth century.

Salmson, la belle mécanique française

by Laurent Chevalier, Claude Chevalier

This book is the enhanced re-edition of Chevalier’s 1997 volume by the same publisher and which has sold out. His son Laurent has found about 200 new photographs that have never been published before. It proves that the “definitive work on …” only exists in authors’ and editors’ dreams or, at least, until the next one!

Karoserie Petera

by Jan Králík

Petera is not the first name that springs to mind when one thinks “coachbuilder.” However, this Czech firm was one of the most important coachbuilding firms in Central Europe from 1908 to the late 1970s, first making horse-drawn vehicles, sledges and hearses, then automobiles, trucks, coaches, and even gliders during World War Two.

The Car Design Book

by Gautam Sen

It’s not an easy task to sum up in 140 pages the best designs of all times regardless of price and trends! Sen tackled this exercise with total subjectivity and his position as editor of India’s best-selling Auto India magazine certainly didn’t make it easier: the more you know about a subject, the harder it is to make a selection!

Veteranos y Clásicos

by Josep Vert i Planas

“Vert Carrocerias” produced passenger and commercial vehicles but it was after WWII that their interest in classic cars developed into a sideline that specialized in the restoration of what was left after the war had taken its toll.

Bagheera: l’irrésistible panthère de Matra Simca

by André Dewael

Dewael founded the Belgian Matra Club in 1987 and so it is only natural that he embarked on the huge task of writing the definitive book on the futuristic Bagheera coupé—the “irresistible panther.” No stone was left unturned.

Ces belles voitures dont a rêvé mon père

by Xavier de Nombel & Patrice Vergès

The authors of this book are fixtures in the French automotive world. Both grew up in postwar France, when cars when cars were difficult to obtain and sometimes extravagantly expensive. Here they describe “their father’s dream cars.”

Joyaux Automobiles des Maharadjahs

by Gautam Sen

A clientele of wealthy Indian enthusiasts with incredibly deep pockets and remarkable eccentricities absorbed disproportionately large numbers of European and American cars, from bejeweled Rolls-Royces to more common fare such as Fiats and Fords.