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Concours d’Elegance: Dream Cars and Lovely Ladies

by Patrick Lesueur

Cars and fashion—that was the original idea behind presenting new cars to the public at a competition of elegance.

Rolls-Royce 17EX, a Fabulous Destiny/ein Stück Geschichte

by Gautam Sen

For a carmaker as conservative as Rolls-Royce this 1928 experimental car was quite the statement. But why was it necessary? Is being able to go 100 miles really that important?

2CV, un fabuleux destin

by Serge Defradat

Produced between 1948 and 1990 more than 8 million of all variants of this uncompromisingly utilitarian machine were produced in France and Portugal. No matter its rickety appearance, it was a fabulous design.

Maserati – luxe, sport et prestige

par Martin Buckley

De nos jours, Maserati va de l’avant et tout indique que cela va continuer. Mais ça a rarement été le cas dans l’histoire de la marque vieille de 90 ans, à cause de nombreux dirigeants qui avaient des idées différentes et ce livre en raconte les tenants et les aboutissants.

Bugatti: A Hundred Years of Innovations and Excellence (1909–2009)

Various authors

Not your typical Bugatti book. This one looks at the overall engineering history of the firm on the occasion of its 100th anniversary.

MGB, MGC & MGB GT V8, La grande sportive britannique

by David Knowles

One of the quintessential British sports cars, the MGB was in production for 18 years. Today, you’ll find the cars anywhere—but books en français, not so much.

Aston Martin, coupés & cabriolets depuis 1948

by Jacques-Louis Bertin & Arnald Millereau

“Power, Beauty and Soul” is Aston’s slogan and this book, beginning with the cars of the David Brown era, shows why this isn’t idle talk.

W C Atcherley, The Lost Coachbuilder

by James Fack 

This is not a large book, this is not a glossy book, but in spite of this I reckon that it is worth a review because Atcherley was a recognized “quality coachmaker” and James Fack has written the only book that has ever been offered on the market.

Ferrari / Les Plus Belles Ferrari

by Larry Edsall

From specs to trivia, this introductory book profiles 42 important Ferraris. The photos are the main draw here.

Heuliez, carrossier et constructeur: un siècle d’histoire

by Yves Dubernard

In Europe, trucks and buses with a Heuliez body tag are everywhere—but they’ve done a lot more and this book brings it all together.

DS miniatures de mon enfance

by Renaud Siry 

The real car sold 1.5 million copies; who knows how many toy cars were sold? Today the latter sell for more than the former! This book doesn’t count but show them—all sizes, all colors, all materials.

Breaks de chasse: Racés, Sportifs, Intemporels

by Michel Stéfani

Whether it’s hauling or hunting or just looking different, a “hunting car” may be just the thing you need. But unless you speak French, only the pictures will tell the story.