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Zany Afternoons

by Bruce McCall

In a former life, McCall was a principal in McCaffery & McCall, the huge New York advertising agency that served Mercedes-Benz USA. On the side, he wrote less serious stories for Car & Driver (remember the Denbeigh Super Chauvinist?), Playboy, and The National Lampoon.

Restoring Museum Aircraft

by Robert C. Mikesh

Remember how you used to see non-original polished metal, even chrome, in the engine compartments of cars in serious concours d’elegance? Well, times have changed, and so have the philosophical approaches to automotive restoration.

The Complete Book of Shelby Automobiles: Shelby Cobras, Mustangs, and Super Snakes

by Colin Comer

This is a good book saddled with only a fair title. It should have been called simply The Book of Shelby Automobiles. Complete, in the sense of being a truly comprehensive history, it isn’t.

Super Speedway

Few racing movies begin with a tight shot of three fat chickens roosting on a barn beam, but this is an exception. That’s just one aspect setting Super Speedway well apart from the usual racing film.

Winning, The Racing Life of Paul Newman

by Matt Stone and Preston Lerner

The terms actor, philanthropist, and racer combine to describe only one man, Paul Newman. Although he didn’t begin his driving career until age 47, he developed quickly and competed into his eighties, eons beyond other competitive drivers.

Flywheel, Memories of the Open Road

by Swallow, Pill, and the Muhlberg Motor Club

This unique book demonstrates that enthusiasm for automobiles and the printed word can survive even under the most terrible of conditions as, for instance, in a gritty German POW camp. It reprints the best of the world’s most unusual, cheapest, and lowest-circulation car mag, published in 1944–45 by half a dozen bored but talented inmates of Stalag IVb.