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Béla Barényi: Pioneer of Passive Safety at Mercedes-Benz

by Harry Niemann

Born into the age of the horseless carriage young Barényi had a knack for engineering and an uncommonly acute awareness of unintended safety hazards—so he built himself a racing sleigh with a padded steering wheel! One of his many innovations may well have saved your life.

Ed Roth’s Mysterion

by Jeffrey A. Jones

Mysterion is Roth’s most famous and least documented show rod. The original car is long gone but has been recreated—and this is the story of both versions.

Fisher Body Craftsman’s Guild: Modeling The Future

by Richard Ray

Many a designer whose name you’d know went through this GM-sponsored industrial arts program. Their annual reunions are usually accompanied by an exhibit and lectures; this is the catalog of the 2019 event.

General Motors Parade of Progress & A Futurliner Returns

by Bruce Burghoff and George Ferris

Seeing a convoy of Futurliners pulling up would definitely make you think the future had arrived. This book covers both the travelling exhibit and the restoration of Futurliner #10 at the National Automotive and Truck Museum of the United States.

Studebaker and Byers A. Burlingame

by Robert R. Ebert

As CEO, Burlingame, an erstwhile bookkeeper at Packard, was given the hard job of turning around one of the oldest names in the automotive field when the company was in deep trouble. He did, for a while.