Now I Get It! Every Driver’s Handbook

by Lewis McCaw


Some books manage to escape our notice when they first publish. Such is the case with this modest in-size and -price book that came out in 2016. It is worth knowing about for it is truly worthy of any reader’s time, no matter age or driving experience and regardless of skill level. For some, it will be a refresher. For others—especially less experienced or beginning drivers—it will be enlightening as many of the chapters involve awareness of what its author correctly terms “life-critical situations.

Lewis McCaw brings to bear all he has learned about connecting with his listeners—in this case, his readers—in an understandable and engaging way by utilizing his experiences over 33 years as a professional educator instructing automotive technology at both high school and community college levels. Dedicatedly he kept himself up-to-date on the rapidly changing technologies by voluntarily attending as many training sessions as possible that the foreign- and domestic-manufacturers offered. To add yet another level to his knowledge and experiences, McCaw also worked for a time as a service manager and also a diagnostic equipment salesman.

Even the most experienced driver and/or automotively-oriented person is apt to find some items that give pause with a “Wait, I didn’t know that” reaction while reading the pages of this book. As examples: to your understanding is there much difference between referring to your car or truck’s powerplant as a motor or an engine? Or, do you know—really know—what it means when an oil is rated at something like SAE 10W30? Sure it’s a multi-viscosity rating but can you explain in one succinct single sentence how it works? Oh, and still referring to that oil designation, do you know—have you ever heard—what the W stands for or means??

Chapters aren’t all “under the hood,” rather they cover a wide range of topics. Wheels and tires are discussed in “Get a Grip” and includes a discussion of whether it’s better to fill tires with air or nitrogen and how to tell if tires have already been filled with nitrogen as well as how Presidents George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, both long departed before the first motorized vehicle was created, can help keep you safer today.

In one of the two chapters devoted to the electricity discussion, there’s an item that specifically addresses something that was very much in the national news this mid-December week as a powerful storm system made its way across America and in one place brought high voltage wires down over several occupied vehicles. If you had been inside any one of those cars do you know what to do—and what not to do—to remain alive and safe? 

This book makes a perfect gift for a beginning driver who will one day also become a car owner, too. If you do purchase a copy (or more) just be sure to take the time to read it yourself. No fear of it going out of print either for the publisher that Lew McCaw chose is a POD (print on demand) so just make your purchase directly there.

Now I Get It! Every Driver’s Handbook
by Lewis McCaw
Outskirts Press, Inc., 2016
113 pages, softcover
List Price: $13.95
ISBN 13: 978 1 4787 7541 6


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