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Van Nuys Blvd 1972

by Rick McCloskey

Cars—Cruising—California. Who knew that McCloskey’s art project would half a decade later be a time capsule of a now forgotten cultural—and physical—landscape?

Baillon Collection

by Rémi Dargegen

Looked at one car at a time, the Baillon Collection is interesting enough but it is the unique circumstances of it being found and brought to market that will forever make it the “find of the century.”

50 Years with Ferraris

by Neill Bruce

Now in his eighties, Bruce really has been shooting Ferrari cars and people for half a decade. You may not recall any specific photos or posters but if your car has engine stickers, or a handbook in the glove compartment, chances are they were made by him.

Military Low-Flying in the UK: The Skill of Pilots and Photographers

by Michael Leek 

Look at the cover photo and consider that it was taken from the ground, not from a higher-flying plane! This book shows how it’s done.

Ferrari 1960–1965: The Hallowed Years

by William Huon

A great book made greater by Bernard Cahier photos throughout, remarkably well printed. It is hard not to look at the candid photos of so many drivers and not have a sense of gloom—these were tragic years in regards to safety.

Inside Formula 1: Behind-the-Scenes Photography, 1950–2022

by Daniel Reinhard

Now in English. You do not want to miss this book!! It’s not just F1, and it’s Behind-the-Scenes in the sense that you’re looking over the photographer’s shoulder at what he sees, what he knows, what he thinks.

The Racers: The Personal Scrapbook of Al Satterwhite

by Al Satterwhite

A scrapbook is not a museum show or a historical treatise so calibrate your expectations accordingly. Neither the era nor the photographer need any explanation/justification: expect to discover cool things.

My Porsche Book: Die 356-Ikonen / The Iconic 356s

by René Staud

It’s the photographer as much as the car that is the attraction here, not least because Staud’s career path, philosophy on art/commerce, and his studio and team are covered.

Harold Edgerton: Seeing the Unseen

by Ron Kurtz, Deborah Douglas, Gus Kayafas (editors)

Thanks to the use of strobes and flashes, Edgerton’s Speedray photos, as they were nicknamed, gave visual evidence of laws of nature that had only been theorized upon before but not been observable. This book offers a look at the science and the man.

Air & Water: Rare Porsches, 1956–2019

by The Saratoga Auto Museum

The name of the author is the clue that this is a book about the Steven Harris Porsches that the museum featured in two separate exhibits in 2021. Many of his cars really are rare, and while he does drive them they live in different parts of the US and even the world. This book brings some of them together.

The Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Book

by René Staud & Jürgen Lewandowski

Examples from all series of SLs, almost 70 years worth, as German photographer René Staud sees them. And he’s seen many, probably 500, and photographing SLs has been one constant in his decades-long career.

Mercedes-Benz – The Grand Cabrios & Coupés

by René Staud (photos), Jürgen Lewandowski (text)

Who needs coupés and cabrios is what this book asks. Unless the answer is self-evident in these photos you’ll have to come up with your own.