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Formula 1

by Peter Nygaard

A great book by a Danish photographer who is also an ardent student of the sport. Many hundreds of photos for absurdly little money. In a hardcover book with a rounded spine—are we living in the Matrix??

Ken Miles (Two books about_]

-by Dave Friedman
-by Art Evans

If you watched the very engaging 2019 movie Ford v Ferrari you would have formed an opinion about Ken Miles. Probably not a great one and certainly not a balanced one. These two books paint a fuller picture by bringing many more voices to the table.

Behind Le Mans – The Film In Photographs

by Michael Keyser

It’s almost 50 years ago that this movie was made. It was not a box office hit but—and this is the only thing that mattered to the one person who needed to make it, Steve McQueen—it was true to racing, life and death, few words and big deeds.

The Ferrari Book: Passion for Design 

by Jürgen Lewandowski

Is there such a thing as too many Ferraris? Or too many Ferrari books? Nah. But this 10-pounder has challenges beyond its mere heft. Those Michael Zumbrunn photos, though. Bellisima.

The Other Side of the Fence: Six Decades of Motorsport Photography

by Bill C. Warner

You surely recognize Warner’s name. You may even know that he’s done more than mount one of the Top 10 concours for half a decade—but did you know he’s a photographer, and a race car driver? Both of these things come into play in this book.

Shutter & Speed 2

by Gary Critcher

Vol. 1 sold well enough to make possible the hoped-for vol. 2, again offering previously unseen motorsports images. The emphasis is on GP racing but there’s also F2, Indy 500, hillclimbs, and non‐championship F1 races.

Horst H. Baumann – Lichtjahre / Light Years

Once internationally renowned, Baumann is remembered, if at all, mostly for his pioneering work with lasers and light sculpture. But once upon a time, if only for a mere five years, he turned his artistic mind to motorsports photography, and was among the first to do it in color.

Junkyard Nights: Haunting NorCal’s Automotive Graveyards

by Troy Paiva

A night at the graveyard, what’s not to . . . love? This light painting photographer has been lighting up the night for over 30 years and published several books showcasing his observations.

Admission 7/6 – E.V. Starr Snaps the 60s Speed Merchants

by Tim Beavis and Guy Loveridge

If you have boxes of vintage photos gathering dust in the attic, off with your head. The ones in this book were almost lost to posterity, then someone bought them at auction. As the reviewer says, one look at the cover and you’ll be hooked.

Legendary: The Porsche 919 Hybrid Project

by Heike Hientzsch

In 2011 Porsche returned to the World Endurance Championship and vowed to win Le Mans. They did. More than once. This is the story.

Stars & Sportcars

by Marianne zu Sayn-Wittgenstein

Racing photos, sure, but a whole lot more. Here are photos by someone who knew how to “see”—and not just with the eye.

Car Tales, Classic Stories About Dream Machines

Five short stories by names you’ll mostly recognize, with unrelated but interesting photographs.