The Singer Story: The Cars, Commercial Vehicles, Bicycles & Motorcycles

by Kevin Atkinson

Everyone knows that Bugattis used distinctive flat-spoke aluminum wheels. So did Singer—but 20 years earlier. The curved front forks of a bicycle are a George Singer patent, and still in use today. If you don’t know Singer, you should.

Full Circle: A Hands-On Affair with the First Ferrari 250 GTO

by Larry Perkins & Petra Perkins

Not a scholarly treatise on a legendary car but a snapshot-style memoir of half a century of crossing paths with the first 250 GTO.

Porsche at Le Mans: 70 Years

by Glen Smale

Porsches have won Le Mans outright more times than any other marque, and for a very long, long time. This author has written about Porsche for a very long, long time so follow his lead with confidence.

The Complete Catalogue of British Cars 1895–1975 

by Culshaw & Horrobin

It seems farfetched nowadays but once upon a time the British motor industry was thriving. First published in 1974, this book catalogs some 700 manufacturers and 3700 models—and those are just the production passenger cars.

The Key 2021, At the Top of the Classic Car World

Antonio Ghini, editor

This is now the 4th edition of a yearbook that parses the Big Picture, backing up its analyses and forecasts with hard data gathered from surveys and self-reporting by the very people and entities that constitute the inner core of the organized collector car world.

Lime Rock Park: The Early Years 1955–1975

by Terry O’Neil 

One of America’s oldest continuously operated road courses, Lime Rock has seen more strife and discord in the local community and in its own ranks, and legal wranglings and financial crises to shut it down a dozen times over. But it still operates. It has taken 680 pages to cover just the first 20 years.

On a Global Mission, The Automobiles of General Motors International, Vol. 3

by Louis Fourie

The concluding volume of this trilogy buttons it all up with extensive data sets and also contains the index for all three books.

A Race With Infamy, The Lance Macklin Story

by Jack Barlow

He was active on the pro scene for only a few years, winning no poles, points, let alone podiums. That he is not entirely forgotten by racers is due to the “infamy” the title alludes to.

Alvis Society, A Century of Drivers

by David Culshaw

From kings to serial killers, people who chose an Alvis were a discerning lot. Every car ever made is recorded here, and only here.

On a Global Mission, The Automobiles of General Motors International, Vol. 2 

by Louis Fourie

This second volume of three takes us to still other locations around the globe including Australia, South America, South Africa, South Korea and China by exploring Holden, Daewoo and unique Chevrolet, Buick, and Opel variants.

Classic Speedsters

by Ronald Sieber

Speedster, Semi-Racer, Jack Rabbit, Raceabout, Cutdown? Or simply Roadster? All those names were used, and no matter what exactly they represent, they all apply to a “simple but powerful car meant for speed, fun, and adventure.”

Alfa Romeo Arese

by Patrick Dasse

An Arese is not an Alfa model but the name of the place where they were made, and this book contains hundreds of Alfa Romeo’s own archival photos of it.