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British Buses 1967

by Jim Blake

Is an interest in buses a “purely British phenomenon”? The author doesn’t think so—and offers piles of photos to show us what we might be missing.

Inside the Paddock: Racing Car Transporters at Work

by David Cross with Bjørn Kjer

Racecars don’t make good road cars. And if you think about it, except for when it actually races, a racecar is just a bunch of loose parts waiting to be put together. How does all this get from race to race? Wonder no more.

Heuliez, carrossier et constructeur: un siècle d’histoire

by Yves Dubernard

In Europe, trucks and buses with a Heuliez body tag are everywhere—but they’ve done a lot more and this book brings it all together.

The Allison Engine Catalog 1915–2007

by John Leonard

As the title suggests, Allison products are arranged chronologically in catalog style, with each product occupying one page. For readers who enjoy engineering excellence, this book is a must.

American Cars, Trucks and Motorcycles of World War I

Illustrated Histories of 225 Manufacturers

by Albert Mroz

Mroz presents here an illustrated history of 225 of the American companies that manufactured cars, trucks, or motorcycles for the civilian market in 1917 and 1918.

Dodge B-Series Trucks: Restorer’s & Collector’s Reference Guide and History

by Don Bunn

Bunn’s passion for this truck was fueled by his purchase in 1973 of a 1952 half-ton. He became a charter member of the Light Commercial Vehicle Association and quickly found that there was little or no information available to someone who wanted to rebuild or restore an old B-Series truck.