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Citroën DS: The World’s Most Beautiful Car

by Daniel Denis & Thibaut Amant

Even a car as large as the DS probably can’t hold all the books written about it. This one is different! Photos you haven’t seen before and taken by someone who “gets” the car accompany a solid model history.

Talbot-Lago Grand Sport: The Car From Paris

by Peter M. Larsen & Ben Erickson

A big book about a small car built in small numbers. Both are expensive! The story is told in the wider context of the French auto industry and the dying art of the coachbuilder.

Facel Véga, Le Grand Tourisme à la française 1939–1964

by Chambrette, Bel, Renou and Revoy

This book does not only cover the Vega, one of the 20th century’s glamour cars, but all the products and activities of the entire Facel company.

An Omelette and Three Glasses of Wine: En Route with Citroëns

by Andrew Brodie

See France by going on eight road trips in Citroëns old and new(ish).

2CV, un fabuleux destin

by Serge Defradat

Produced between 1948 and 1990 more than 8 million of all variants of this uncompromisingly utilitarian machine were produced in France and Portugal. No matter its rickety appearance, it was a fabulous design.

Bugatti: A Hundred Years of Innovations and Excellence (1909–2009)

Various authors

Not your typical Bugatti book. This one looks at the overall engineering history of the firm on the occasion of its 100th anniversary.

My 1001 Cars, The Reference Edition

by Gabriel Voisin

This French pioneer aviator and airplane/car maker colored outside the lines and rose to be a captain of industry, rubbing shoulders with tycoons and beautiful women—and died in poverty and obscurity.

Heuliez, carrossier et constructeur: un siècle d’histoire

by Yves Dubernard

In Europe, trucks and buses with a Heuliez body tag are everywhere—but they’ve done a lot more and this book brings it all together.

Bugatti: Carlo, Rembrandt, Ettore, Jean

by Amanda Dunsmore, John Payne

If all you can think of is “cars” when you hear Bugatti, you’re missing something. Furniture, sculpture, and, yes, cars—there’s a Bugatti for that. This book shows pieces that are held in public and private collections in Australia.

DS miniatures de mon enfance

by Renaud Siry 

The real car sold 1.5 million copies; who knows how many toy cars were sold? Today the latter sell for more than the former! This book doesn’t count but show them—all sizes, all colors, all materials.

French Curves: Delahaye, Delage, Talbot-Lago

by Adatto, Figoni, Hinds; photos by Furman 

Twenty-five cars from the Mullin Automotive Museum illustrate the finer points of French coachwork—and it’s not all swoops and chrome.

Citroën DS, Design Icon

by Malcolm Bobbitt

Even for a company known for building innovative cars, the DS was wildly radical—and sold nearly 1.5 million copies!