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Vroom! Vroom!

by Koto Bolofo

Ok, there’s a Bugatti on the cover. But this is not a car book. Bolofo is a celebrated fashion photographer but he doesn’t wear “labels” easily. In this book you can explore his work exploring the goings-on at a famous restoration shop.

Bugatti Veyron: A Quest for Perfection

by Martin Roach

The ultra exotic Veyron may cost £1m to buy but it cost way more to build. So what’s in it for Bugatti? And who are the people lining up to buy it? And what’s it like to drive one? All is revealed here.

Bugatti; The Man and The Marque

by Jonathan Wood

Reprinted several times, this book raised the bar when it first came out 25 years ago and it’s still a, if not the, definitive book on the marque.

Bugatti: Le Pur-Sang des Automobiles

by H.G. Conway

A landmark book, not just for the marque but in the genre of automotive histories. In the 50 years since its original publication it has lost none of its luster and is, thankfully, still easily available in any of its several editions.

Baillon Collection

by Rémi Dargegen

Looked at one car at a time, the Baillon Collection is interesting enough but it is the unique circumstances of it being found and brought to market that will forever make it the “find of the century.”

Grand Prix Bugatti

by H.G. Conway

Bugattis do not have a consistently superior racing record but they evidence a particular steadfastness of vision and purpose. Covering both the race history and the mechanical aspects of the cars this book has been a staple in any serious Bugatti library for fifty years.

Jacques Saoutchik – Maître Carrossier, Vol. 4 Addendum

by Peter M. Larsen & Ben Erickson

Only a few months ago, the authors finished an 1100 page book on this subject, thinking, hoping that everything anyone would ever want to know had been recorded. And then wild and crazy things started coming out of the woodwork, hence this Addendum.

Berliet 1905–1978

by Christophe Puvilland

Public transport with a French flavor, made by a pioneer automaker that got off the ground thanks to American money. Beaucoup de photos.

Jacques Saoutchik – Maître Carrossier

by Peter M.Larsen & Ben Erickson

A book the likes of which you don’t see often—about cars the likes of which you don’t see often. A lovely combination, but available in very limited numbers only. So read the review quickly!

Bugatti Type 35C No. 4928, The Story of a Grand Prix Racing Car

by Lennart W. Haajanen

The author owned this particular Bug for 50 years and also raced and restored it. But it was only in researching it in preparation for this book that it was discovered that it had a different serial number than previously thought! A Very Big Deal for such an important car.

Amédée Gordini: A True Racing Legend

by Roy Smith

There was a time when The Sorcerer and his cars were fixtures on the racing scene and some of the greatest names hitched their wagon to his train. Technically, Gordini could mix it up with the best but financially. . . . This book puts it all together.

Vitesse~Élégance: French Expression of Flight and Motion

by Serge Bellu; Michael Furman photos

This third book about the Mullin Automotive Museum examines the cross-pollination between France’s aero and auto designers between the two world wars. Sounds too complicated? Just drool over the photos!