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by Charles Henry

Ford beat Ferrari at Le Mans. But FoMoCo didn’t do it alone. Kar-Kraft was a key contributor and Ford was pretty much its only customer. The author worked there and so can offer an inside look.

Ferrari Hypercars: The Inside Story of Maranello’s Fastest, Rarest Road Cars

by Winston Goodfellow

The result of many years of befriending and interviewing key Ferrari people, this book is filled with insights, stories, and photos never before seen in print.

Kayser, Driving Crazy

If you could only feel this book cover you’d know right away this book is up to something. If you like photography and book design and graphic novels, go find a copy.

The Magnificent Monopostos: Alfa Romeo Grand Prix Cars 1923–1951

by Simon Moore

The third of three books about important prewar racing Alfas. Very thorough, very pricy, very much worth it. Even covers Alfa GP-engined powerboats.

Cunningham: The Passion, The Cars, The Legacy

by Richard Harman

A massive book about the iconic American sportsman whose middle name, Swift, foreshadowed exactly what his life would be all about: going fast, on land and sea and in general.

Rise Of The Robots, Technology and the Threat of a Jobless Future

by Martin Ford

You may want to rethink your New Year’s resolutions—because The Robots are coming! No kidding. For real. Ford has worked years in this field, so don’t shrug this off.

The Early Days

by Davide Bassoli

Focusing on the launch year of the Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud/Bentley S Series this unusual book takes the reader back to 1955 to experience the car as a contemporary would have. People who like to “play” with books are in for a surprise!

Bentley – The Book

This book is a guided tour to all things Bentley, to introduce people to the marque’s history and brand values—and to make them lust after a Bentley, be it in the form of a car or a sofa or a handbag . . . or even “just “ a haircut at a very special London barber.

Audi Design, Zwischen Entwicklung und Revolution

by Othmar Wickenheiser

AUDI means “listen” in Latin but here you can read all about the firm’s design philosophy over the last fifty years. And if you, as they hope you do, nowadays can recognize an Audi at a mere glance, they know they got it right.


by Bart Lenaerts and Lies De Mol

“Unusual” doesn’t begin to describe this highly subjective look at cars, car people, and car culture. For better or worse, there’s nothing like it but it’s very weirdness earns it a place on your bookshelf.

If you can find a copy . . .

Where the Writer Meets the Road

by Sam Posey

Among this race driver’s trophies is an Emmy for sports writing and this anthology is a good testament to Posey’s abilities behind the pen. Now in his seventies, he’s been around, literally and figuratively.

Caribbean Capers: The Cuban Grand Prix Races of 1957, 1958 & 1960

by Joel E. Finn

A wild era in racing is captured here in grand detail and fabulous photos. Probably the only book on the subject and certainly the only one you’d want or need.