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Porsche Unseen: Design Studies

by Jan Karl Baedeker & Stefan Bogner

You’d have to be quite the Porsche geek to have known, let alone seen, any of the cars shown here. There are many more where these came from and one can only speculate why Porsche allowed these 15 to be made public.

Boost! Roger Bailey’s Extraordinary Motor Racing Career

by Gordon Kirby

Bailey’s professional life spanned more than five decades and included such a variety of positions—mechanic, team boss, official, administrator—that you think you’re dealing with more than one person. No wonder his nickname was Boost!

Herbert Müller – “…alles zu langsam!”

by Födisch and Roßbach

If you followed racing in the hairy 1960–80 era you could not have failed to notice this Swiss driver. This biography is deep in the best sense. The reason it was written is to commemorate the saddest of occasions.

The Devil’s Mercedes: The Bizarre and Disturbing Adventures of Hitler’s Limousine in America

by Robert Klara

Leave it to a librarian to find answers to difficult questions. A Big Mercedes of the 1930s is plenty rare any old day but the one that stars in this book, war booty as others of its kind, suffered a case of mistaken identity for decades.

Vintage Campers, Trailers & Teardrops

by Patrick R. Foster

Can’t tell a tin can from a canned ham? Just what is a fifth-wheel? More importantly, is camping fun?? This fun book tells you all that and more.

The Tom Mix Cord: Saga of a Western Film Star’s Classic Motorcar

by Bob M. White

The “King of Cowboys” was the Hollywood action hero of his day and the highest-paid actor of the silent film era. He did his own stunts so of course he loved fast cars—and this 1937 Cord is the one in which he had that fatal crash.

Classic Engines, Modern Fuel: The Problems, the Solutions

by Paul Ireland

A compliation of articles the author wrote for various magazines about his Manchester University XPAG Tests. Features real data and practical descriptions applicable to all classic engines.

The Women of General Motors, A Century of Art and Engineering

by Constance A. Smith

Profiles of and interviews with female GMers in design, engineering, manufacturing, and administration. In a 2019 report, GM finished first out of 200 companies in gender equality and is the first—and still only—automaker with a female CEO.


by Paolo Tumminelli (editor)

Having been closely associated for half a century, Alpina and BMW are almost synonymous. This book is a lighthearted but entirely substantive look at what really puts the “ultimate” into The Ultimate Driving Machine.

Abarth: Racing Cars – Collection 1949–1974

by Franz Steinbacher

This is a look at a highly curated Swiss collection of mostly racing Abarths, and in telling their story the book also gives a good idea of what made the cars and the company so special.

The Ford Dealership, Volumes I, II, and III

by Henry L. Dominguez

Three volumes strong—and with two more planned—this is surely the most voluminous coverage of the subject. Ford did not only invent standardized mass production but also the system of franchised dealers. The Blue Oval’s lasting success rests on both of these.

Sunbeam Aero Engines

by Alec Brew

Within the arc from tinplate working to land speed record cars fall many interim steps, and this small book gives a thorough account of how Sunbeam got into the aero engine business and how that spilled over into record cars.