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Cult of GT-R

by Ryan K. ZumMallen

Starting in 2023, some models of Skyline GT-Rs have cleared the 25-year rule that prohibited their legal importation into the US. This book describes how, and why, people had gone to great lengths to get their cars here before that.

Go Fast or Go Home: The Garth Hogan Story

by Tim Hanna

Dragster racer, record holder, FIA commissioner, founder of multiple businesses, pilot, restorer, museum founder—just reading this list makes you wonder if the differences in cyclonic motion in the hemispheres affects how time flies on Zealandia.

Three Men in a Land Rover

by Waxy Wainwright, Mike Palmer, Chris Wall

Three school friends, a £400 Landy, wanderlust in the name of a bigger cause: the United Nations. This 1969 adventure makes for a unique tale, not least because it could hardly happen today because the world has not become a friendlier or more stable place since then.

British Sports Cars 

by Richard Gunn

Any “Top Ten” list of sports cars will include examples from Great Britain. This short book is a quick but well-illustrated romp through 140 years of history.

Raymond Henri Dietrich, Automotive Architect of the Classic Era & Beyond

by Necah Stewart Furman

Ever seen a Gibson Firebird, or a Carioca? One of them is not a car, the product category for which Dietrich is most remembered. This mammoth biography is the first to paint a full picture, drawing on material new to the record.

50 Years with Ferraris

by Neill Bruce

Now in his eighties, Bruce really has been shooting Ferrari cars and people for half a decade. You may not recall any specific photos or posters but if your car has engine stickers, or a handbook in the glove compartment, chances are they were made by him.

Design Between the Lines

by Patrick le Quément, Stéphane Geffray

You’d have to have been sequestered on your private island for the last 50 years not to know the name of the author of this book. Simca, Ford, VW/Audi, Renault—some 60 million cars have Patrick le Quément’s fingerprints on them, and he reshaped his industry.

American Cars: Every Model, Year by Year

by J. “Kelly” Flory, Jr.

Now split into two volumes you find here yearly update on all US makes with production and sales figures, and details on all models offered that year—body styles, base prices, engine/transmission choices, specs, options etc.

Cord Complete

by Josh B. Malks

Cord Complete is simply the most appropriate title possible for this book for a myriad of reasons. Comprehensiveness is just one of those reasons. It is an amplification of Malks’ earlier volume on the same topic.

An Austin Anthology: Volumes I, II, III

by James Stringer

Austins flew, floated and farmed, powered two- and four-wheelers, ran on rails, worked as taxicabs and went on very long trips.

Ferrari 1960–1965: The Hallowed Years

by William Huon

A great book made greater by Bernard Cahier photos throughout, remarkably well printed. It is hard not to look at the candid photos of so many drivers and not have a sense of gloom—these were tragic years in regards to safety.

Alfa Romeo Prototipi 1948–1962

by Patrick Dasse

You’d think that in war-ravaged Italy those lucky guys who had gainful employment would keep their noses clean and beaver away at their assigned tasks and stretch their limited resources. But working too close to racing oil does funny things to people. Photos you haven’t seen of cars you may not have heard of is what’s in these two books.