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Grand Prix Bugatti

by H.G. Conway

Bugattis do not have a consistently superior racing record but they evidence a particular steadfastness of vision and purpose. Covering both the race history and the mechanical aspects of the cars this book has been a staple in any serious Bugatti library for fifty years.

The Earthmover Encyclopedia

by Keith Haddock

A Michelin tire for a Bugatti Veyron is around $10,000—a tire for a LeTourneau L-2350 front-loader will set you back six times as much. Big numbers are the grand theme in this colossal reference book.

The Story of the Boeing Company

by Bill Yenne

Timber! There’s a reason Bill Boeing started, and kept, his company in Seattle: spruce wood.

The focus of this book is more on the flying machines than the business itself, and even at that seems to gloss over the failures that are a normal part of progress.

American Motors Corporation

by Patrick R. Foster

What started as the largest merger of car companies in US history had an ignominious end. Undeserved, the author says. Such much is AMC part of US culture that a 2008 car magazine touted the firm’s revival—only to be debunked as a cruel April Fool’s joke.

The American Clipper Ship, 1845–1920

by Glenn A. Knoblock

“All the tea in China”—that’s a main reason the world needed express ships favoring speed over cargo volume to cross the seas at a “good clip.” The narrow, yacht-like sailing ships and a cutthroat business full of human drama are covered here in engaging form.

A Higher Call

by Adam Makos with Larry Alexander

German flak cripples an American bomber. Separated from the herd, it manages to stay aloft. It’s only a matter of time until a German fighter shows up. And then he does. You’ll be surprised what happens next.

Dora Dutch, A Postmodern Novel

by Bill Wolf

Drugs, sex, science fiction. A word painting. You’ll have to be in a particular frame of mind to unravel this unusual book.

Home Sweet Anywhere

by Lynne Martin

Ah, to chuck it all and just . . . leave. Want to test-drive the idea? Read this book!

Bleeding Edge

by Thomas Pynchon

The internet, capitalism, 9/11 are the big themes in this reclusive American author’s latest detective novel. Beautiful language, rich imagery, many questions, few answers. All good.

Bravo, Stanley!

by H. James Merrick

A thoroughly researched history of Stanley’s attempts at making a name for their cars through racing—at a time when even “experts” were sure that such speeds were unattainable or not survivable by humans.

The Stanley Steamer, America’s Legendary Steam Car

by Kit Foster

“The Flying Teapot” was an interesting experiment in its day and one example held the world record for the fastest mile in an automobile from 1906 to 11—and for steam-powered cars until 2009! The full story is told here.

Detroit, An American Autopsy

by Charlie LeDuff

Unless you live under a rock you know this storied US city is suffering. Will your city be next? Not if enough people read this book!